Snake thief sticks a four-foot boa into his hoodie

A band of Florida shoplifters snuck some snakes into their hoodies, including a potentially neck-squeezing boa constrictor.

The four-foot boa, with a girth the size of a man’s arm, was taken from a Bradenton pet store along with five other snakes, according to Total value: $8,000.

The manager of Petland Bradenton didn’t immediately report the thefts because he thought the snakes had escaped from the store on Monday.

The thieves were seen on surveillance video removing the latches and stuffing the snakes in their hoodies, one of which was wrapped around one of the suspect’s neck with the red-tailed boa inside of it.

"The hoodies were draped over their shoulders when they walked in and then they casually walked out with the snakes in the hoodies," store owner Stephen Benecke said. "This will be a tough case to solve because one boa looks the same as another."