This murder suspect used home improvement item to attack victim, cops say

Calvin Ross
Calvin Ross Polk County Sheriff’s Department

A fight outside a Winter Haven homeless shelter ended with a man who suffered fatal wounds to his face.

Calvin Ross was arrested in the death of Johnathon Miller, who died of injuries in the fight. The weapon, say cops, was a pick hammer, a tool used mostly in construction or home improvement — one end is sharp, the other blunt.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, deputies took Ross, 27, into custody around 6:40 p.m. Saturday.

Ross was charged with second-degree murder and violation of pretrial conditions. He was out of jail on bond after he was accused of hitting someone in the head with a brick during an aggravated battery last April.

Miller, 38, went to the hospital with a severely damaged face and head trauma, Click Orlando reported.

Witnesses at the scene told officers that the two men were smoking cigarettes in the back yard. They began arguing and witnesses heard sounds like “thuds” and heard the victim say, “Oh s--t.” Then it went quiet.

A fellow roommate told cops that Ross went back into the house and said to go check on Miller who “fell over.”

A bloody pick hammer was found in the grass near where the victim was struck.

In an interview with police, the defendant said he hadn’t taken his medication for schizophrenia.

“This was a senseless and violent homicide. The suspect was out on bond for hitting another resident in the head with a brick — a violent aggravated battery,” the sheriff’s office said of Ross in a statement. “This time his victim didn’t survive. With his violent history, we are going to make sure he stays in jail until he gets sent to prison for a long, long time.”

Ross’ rap sheet also includes charges of aggravated battery, domestic violence, assault, petty theft, violation of probation, possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon, deputies said.