Neglected to Death

Protecting yourself and your loved ones

If you are considering an assisted-living facility for yourself or a relative:

If you are choosing among different assisted-living facilities:

When you move in to an assisted-living facility:

Know and document the names of every caregiver who works with you or your loved one

Check the details of your loved one’s medications at least once monthly. Does the medication match the prescription? Is the dosage accurate? Read the fine print. If your loved one is taking several prescriptions, are there any interactions that may prove lethal? Is your loved one being prescribed medications by a doctor other than your family physician? If so, what do you know about that doctor?

What you should you do if something goes wrong:

Be sure to document everything. Your observations and impressions may be helpful to authorities who investigate what happened.

You have a right to call or write authorities if you suspect an ALF resident has experienced abuse, neglect or financial exploitation. The state Department of Children & Families investigates all such reports and can be reached at 800-96 ABUSE. The Agency for Health Care Administration also investigates reports of maltreatment, and can be reached at 888-419-3456.

You also can report concerns of improper care to the Long-term Care Ombudsman Council in your area.