Hialeah Mass Shooting

Transcript of Hialeah killer’s 911 call

The following is a Miami Herald translation of the 911 call Pedro Alberto Vargas made at 1: 37 p.m. Friday, hours before his shot and killed six of his Hialeah neighbors. Also on the call are an unidentified female operator and Vargas’ mother, Esperanza Patterson. The call took place in Spanish.

Operator: … emergency?

Pedro Alberto Vargas: Ah, hello?

Operator: Yes, go ahead.

Vargas: Ah. I’m calling so you can, ah... I feel threatened and I am being a victim of, of...

Operator: OK, let me have your address.

Vargas: What?

Operator: Let me have your address.

Vargas: Could you run a ... a ... a license plate?

Operator: No, sir. Not over the phone, let me have the address. (Pause). Are you calling me from 1485 W. 46 Street?

Vargas: Yes.

Operator: Apt. 408?

Vargas: Mmm?

Operator: Apt. 408.

Vargas: Yes.

Operator: OK. Tell me what is happening to you. Who is threatening you?

Vargas: Ah, people who are following me and that... that...

Operator: Do you live alone there?

Vargas: No (inaudible).

Operator: Ah? Who lives there with you?

Vargas: And sorcery and stuff they are doing to me.

Operator: OK. Who lives there with you?

Vargas: My mother.

Operator: Your mother. Is she there? Ah... Sir, is she there?

Vargas: Yes.

Operator: Put her on.

Vargas: I feel that there are people who are...

Operator: OK, darling, I understand. Let me have your mother a moment. (Pause). Put your mother on. (Pause).

Esperanza Patterson: Hello?

Operator: Hello, ma’am.

Patterson: Miss, I don’t know why, but he is very agitated and I really don’t see those things.

Operator: Does he have mental problems?

Patterson: Well, now. But, but…

Operator: OK. Do you want me to send the police or not?

Patterson: No.

Operator: No?

Patterson: No, Miss, no.

Operator: Do you feel you’re in danger with him?

Patterson: Well, right this moment, I, I can’t go after him. I’m an 89-year-old person.

Operator: No, of course you can’t go after him. But do you feel in danger being there with him?

Patterson: My fear is that, what do you call it, that something is going to happen to him for being so upset.

Operator: Being so upset. So, do you believe that he is having a nervous problem, a nervous panic or something like that?

Patterson: Yes… He, ah... A short while ago, I don’t know why he had to go. He and other people from where he used to work a long time ago, I don’t know. That he had sent some things from the Internet, I don’t know what it was. Nothing important. But not that either. One day he went and then decided, I believe, nothing more has arrived. It’s that, it’s... I don’t know. It was one of those things big kids do over the phone.

Operator: Yes, I know. Then, do you want me to send the police?

Patterson: No, I would like... he’s going to get...maybe believing that I am his enemy, I don’t know.

Operator: Well, put him on the phone.

Patterson: Yes, wait a minute. Darling, help me.

Operator: Yes, my child, don’t worry, OK? Put him on.

Patterson: Albert! She says she wants to talk to you…she wants to talk to you. Here.

Vargas: Hello.

Operator: What is your name, Alberto?

Vargas: Ah?

Operator: What is your name?

Vargas: Pedro

Operator: Ah, Pedro, OK, Pedro. This is 911, the girl that was talking to you before, that you called. OK, so you feel someone is after you?

Vargas: Not only that. They are trying to put some sorcery on me.

Operator: Ah, they are doing sorcery on you? And who is doing sorcery on you?

Vargas: It started with a lawyer

Operator: From a lawyer?

Vargas: Yes, Castillo. Beginning there they are doing sorcery on me. There is car outside that I wanted you to run the license plate, I wanted you to run the license plates, because it doesn’t match up with a person living here in this place.

Operator: Doesn’t match?

… (muffled)

Operator: Pedro?

Patterson: Hello?

Operator: Yes?

Patterson: I don’t know, it seems he went to get...a man, there is a person who parks, like he parks... it seems he is not working, I know sometimes he stays many hours (inaudible) and sometimes he gets into that truck and they take girls... then...

Operator: Where did he go?

Patterson: Downstairs, but I don’t know if he is with a camera, I don’t know if you can help him, because I’m going to die. He had never in his life had this, but (inaudible)

Operator: But he has mental problems, like disorders or related to nerves?

Patterson: No, no. But what he is doing is writing novels, those about...

Operator: Does he have nervous problems? Because it sounds like it.

Patterson: What?

Operator: He has...

Patterson: Now he does, right now he’s like that, and I want you to know, Miss, that I gave her — sorry, him — at lunch.... I crushed two Xanax pills (inaudible) to see if he would calm down a little. In case they notice something on him. It’s not any drugs. He doesn’t even smoke, he doesn’t even smoke, but to see if he calmed down, but he goes anyway, and now he grabbed a bottle and told me was going to get some gasoline. Please, there is no need for him to get gasoline now, I don’t know. Oh, please, help me, but no, no, I don’t want him to stay like that...I would like him to be treated by a psychiatrist, a psychologist, to be evaluated, to see, because he has never been like this, I don’t know.

Operator: How old is he?

Patterson: He’s already like, let me see, he is like 70S

Operator: What do you mean, 70 years old?

Patterson: No, he was born in 1970

Operator: So, how old is he?

Patterson: 43

Operator: 43?

Patterson: Yes, I’m blaming myself. I feel so bad, but so bad, that I think if something happens to him... Don’t you think I should find a psychiatrist to evaluate him, I don’t know, I don’t know anybody... that could evaluate him. Oh, no. Like you?

Operator: Wait a moment (typing), one moment, OK?

Patterson: He went out now ... He got quiet and he went to get gasoline... why, Oh, my God. I am going to die from this.

Patterson: But please, Miss, look, he is very good and...

Operator: (Operator tells someone in English that Vargas says he is being followed)

Patterson: More than with his money.

Operator: What’s his name?

Patterson: Pedro Alberto Vargas.

Operator: What is his date of birth?

Vargas: October 3, 1970, let me see... let me get my notebook... wait a moment...

Operator: Does he live with you?

Vargas: Yes, he lives with me.

Operator: And he told you he was going to get gasoline, for what?

Patterson: No, to put it in the car, he told me. He was looking for oil, I don’t know what he is looking for. He took a container.

Operator: What kind of car does he drive?

Patterson: A Toyota.

Operator: What color?

Patterson: White. Miss, please. It’s like he’s traumatized. It’s evident that he went to a... he didn’t go to a judge. It was one who wanted to talk to him because they thought he had posted something on the Internet. A place. He also worked there. And then. This. Ah. They summoned him. And they summoned the others too. Not only him. Another girl.

Operator: OK, darling, I’m going to send you...give me your name.

Patterson: But what are you going to send me?

Operator: Is your name Esperanza?

Patterson: Esperanza Patterson.

Operator: Esperanza Patterson?

Patterson: Yes.

Operator: OK. I have to send you the unit because he was asking for police.

Patterson: No, he’s going to get worse on me.

Operator: But he was the one calling us. He called us.

Patterson: Yes, but, but...

Operator: Then should I cancel his call?

Patterson: Well, if you ask, I call you when he comes, but right now he’s not here. Oh, please. Look. When… I’ll be waiting. I sometimes want a psychiatrist to evaluate him, put him under treatment, and be done with it. Because this has me... I know that this is like this, that, that, no, it’s something that will pass. Because until, before that trial...

Operator: Then should I cancel the call?

Patterson: Well. I don’t know (in a whisper). But please...

Operator: No, listen. I cannot make this decision for you. Do I cancel the call or not? Because if not, I have to send you a police officer.

Patterson: A police officer. Well, he isn’t here.

Operator: OK. Then I will cancel the call and if anything, you call us again, or he can call us.

Patterson: Be waiting. What is your name so I know if I call you again? What is your name?

Operator: No, you don’t have to ask for me. Any person who answers 911. Any officer. OK. So, tell me, do I cancel you, tell me, do I cancel the call or not? Because I have two officers on the way there.

Patterson: No, no, no. Cancel it because he’s not here.

Operator: OK, it’s all right. If anything happens, call us again. OK?

Patterson: OK, darling.SS

Operator: OK. Bye bye.

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