Freedom Flight Memories

Millie Fresen

My brother, Carlos Costales, left Cuba on April 1961 with a waiver visa through the Catholic Church. He was a Pedro Pan boy.

On 1964, he claimed my parents, Josefina and Alberto Costales, and me, Millie Costales with my former husband, Fernando, and my two daughters Millie and Jackie. We all left Cuba on 1966. My parents were considered Class A (parents of a minor) and I was class B (sister of a minor)

My parents were in Miami for 4 months and left for Puerto Rico claimed by my cousin, Carlos Alberto Verdura Costales.

We also went to Puerto Rico when we arrived. The Catholic Service paid for our trip. We were in Miami only 3 days.

In 1968 we moved to Miami, and have been here since that date.