Freedom Flight Memories

Mayra Fuentes

To whom it may concerned:

Reading the Miami Herald on line I came across the Freedom Flights database - I searched for mine and my parents names, but I was not successful. We arrived at Miami International Airport on Wednesday, May 3, 1967 on the second flight of the day: Mayra Rodriguez Varela -- 10 year old child (me), my father: Antonio Rodriguez Alfonso - deceased 10/23/1993, and my mother: Blanca Sara H. Varela Lorenzo - deceased 01/07/1993. My brother, aunt and uncle where living in Miami at the time so we stayed, my parents till their passing and me till 2002; I now live in Arlington, Va 3.5 miles from the White House. I married a Cuban like me who arrived on May 1972 via Freedom Flights -- I did find his/family names in the date base, we have an adult daughter that was born and lived in Miami until she left for college in 1996. She now lives with her husband (an America of English/Scottish descend) and infant son in New York City. Please ad my name and my parents names to the database. I am also gathering personal momentous to be added to the date base at a later date. Thanking you in advance.

Mayra Fuentes (aka Mayra Rodriguez Varela)