Freedom Flight Memories

Lourdes Seijas

I remember the night before we were suppose to leave Cuba January 12, 1970 I was only 8 years old. I did not sleep at all, we were all excited and nervous. That morning as we were leaving in a cab, a friend of my mother's pull her head in the back window and ask my mother if she could leave her "eyeliner" behind. Now that I'm older I realize what my parent's must've gone through. Knowing that they were leaving everything behind them to start a new life in a place they had no idea what the future would hold for us. It was my mother Marta Pajares Alfonso Seijas,Dad Carlos Seijas Perez, my grandmother Rosa Maria Pajares Alfonso and my two sister's Marta Sanchez and Lucia Sanchez. Today I am so greatful for their bravery and I'm so glad to be in the land of "FREEDOM". Gracias,Lourdes Seijas (Luly)