Freedom Flight Memories

Gloria Morales Mendizabal

Good Afternoon Ms. Llanes,

Thanks so much for your valiant effort in leading this most emotionally charged project. I have been able to find my husband, who is listed as Rafael Ovies Andino, and should be Andino Ovies, and my mother-in-law, Esperanza Ovie Andino, that should read Ovies Andino. However, my son Rafael Victor Andino and myself, Gloria Morales Mendizabal are not listed in the database. We arrived at the Opalocka airport on August 17, 1967.

My son was given a carton of chocolate milk at the airport upon arrival. He had never had chocolate milk and liked it so much that he asked for a second carton. I was 8 months pregnant with my first daughter and appreciate all the care I received upon arrival. We stayed in Miami for 15 days and then were relocated to Kingsville, TX where I had an uncle.

Best regards,

Mrs. Gloria Morales Andino (my name on the Cuban passport appears as Gloria Morales Mendizabal)