Breast Cancer Awareness

Diane Browarnik

My Lovely Wife, Diane Browarnik

In 2006 my wife of 36 years, Diane, was diagnosed with breast cancer and shortly thereafter underwent a double mastectomy, tram-flap reconstruction and total hysterectomy. Due to of her deep fear of anesthesia, she elected to have all three surgeries done in one 11-hour procedure– with each of her three different surgeons taking their respective turns. What a trooper! But that’s Diane.

Thankfully, three years later, she is doing terrific and more active and goal driven than ever. My wife’s breast cancer came as little surprise to her, since her twin sisters, her maternal grandmother and even her father were diagnosed with the disease.

Diane’ father lost a valiant fight in 2002. So I’m sure you can understand why she harbors such a deep, personal ”vendetta” against breast cancer–coupled with a fervent desire to once and for all help wipe it out.

It is that zeal, as well as Diane’s adoration of the game of tennis, that guided her to establish Game Set, Cure! which since 2007 has put on an annual women’s tennis tournament, luncheon and silent auction. In just its first two years, Game,Set, Cure! has raised more than $50,000 in funds benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation. And that’s in just two fun mornings of tennis! She is now in the throws of finalizing her third annual tennis event to take place January 29, 2010 at Crandon Park Tennis Center.

In all my life, I have never met any one who is nearly as brave, resilient and resolute than my lovely wife, Diane. I write this as both a tribute to her as well as a story of inspiration for all breast cancer patients and survivors.