Breast Cancer Awareness

Lillian Del Vecchio

I am a breast cancer survivor! In fact, two different times!

My first reality was eight years ago. I was not ready to die or be put in any situation to change my life. My first bout with the disease came just before my two week vacation to Vegas with my husband. We enjoyed the diversion from work and any problems by gambling in Vegas. So when I knew I had to have a mastectomy I said “Okay but get it over with, I am going to Vegas and I have tickets to Whitney Houston’s show in Miami.”

My wonderful surgeon gave me permission to do both and I did. I also returned to work, which I loved, in a private school for the mentally handicapped. All went well until four years later, another attack. The right breast had to be removed. We did it and I had implants and back to work and life went on. I was determined to survive and with God’s help, I have. I am now 80 years old, retired, living in Key Largo and volunteering at Mariners’ Hospital, Dolphin Cove, my church and wherever else I can help others. Everyday I thank God for my wonderful doctors, husband and family and friends to help me continue on. The will to live is most important. Don’t dwell on your problem. One surgeon told me to keep happy, smiling. He told me cutting off a breast is like cutting rotten apples off a tree – just get rid of them. His is right!!!! Blessings and strength to all survivors.