Breast Cancer Awareness

Elsa Espinosa

My name is Elsa Espinosa and I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. My story began when in October of 2008 they found that I had a small cyst on the side of one of my breast. The doctors decided to do a Lobectomy on that breast just to take out that piece. One month later I came for my follow-up visit just to find out that there was something else there. More testing was done and to everyone’s surprise there was another cyst in the same breast in a different location. The doctors all decided that it would be best if I would have a Double Mastectomy. At first, I didn’t want to because I was very scared and afraid of losing both of my breasts. The doctor’s said it was the best thing to do because there was a possibility that in the future my other breast could also get Cancer. Having both breast removed meant no Radiation and no Chemotherapy, so I went ahead and did the surgery. Today I have implants and am feeling great.For any women out there that are going through this, all I have to say is STAY STRONG! No one knows what you are going through unless they themselves have lived it. You should contact someone who knows what you are feeling and talk to them. Have this person as a support system. My family was also there for me 100% and we had some really hard times, especially my daughter Elizabeth, but we got through it. Love yourself and tell yourself that this too shall pass. Things WILL get better. Have strength and accept all the support that is offered to you.Today, I Elsa Espinosa am Cancer Free!!!!