Bay of Pigs

Bay of Pigs invasion hero honored along Calle Ocho

A special ceremony was held Saturday to mark the renaming of a two-block stretch of Calle Ocho in honor of a Bay of Pigs invasion hero.

At the morning ceremony at the Bay of Pigs Museum in Little Havana , the proclamation signed by Gov. Rick Scott and the street sign honoring Carlos Rodriguez Santana, were presented to the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association president Max Cruz.

The street sign, which will read: Brigade 2506 Street Carlos Rodriguez Santana, will be placed at Southwest Eighth Street and 10th and 12th avenues.

Rodriguez had been a founding member of Assault Brigade 2506 and is considered the first casualty of the invasion. While secretly training in Guatemala with several hundred other brigadistas recruited for the CIA-backed invasion, Rodriguez slipped and fell off a cliff to his death on September 1960.

To honor Rodriguez’s memory, his fellow trainees made his dog tag number - 2506 - part of the famed brigade’s name.

The invasion, whose aim was to overthrow Fidel Castro, took place in April 1961, but failed. Another 100 Cuban exiles died during the three-day fiasco.

On Saturday, the Florida legislators who introduced the street renaming bill, Anitere Flores and Jose Felix Diaz, attended the ceremony.