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Have a question about Election Day on Tuesday? Check out our answers

Miami Beach resident Michael Frank voted in the August primary.
Miami Beach resident Michael Frank voted in the August primary. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

It’s almost here! Election Day is Tuesday. For South Florida voters, we’ve brought back our list of answers to frequently asked questions.

On the ballot are a host of political contests, led by the Florida governor’s race. Among the numerous local races are elections for city mayors and council members, questions about the future use of county parks, and funding requests for Broward County schools and the Miami-Dade County civil courthouse.

When can I vote?

Voters can still mail in absentee ballots. They must be received by 7 p.m. Tuesday. (More on that below.)

Voters who didn’t vote early or by mail can cast a ballot in person Tuesday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Ballots must be cast in voters’ assigned polling places. Voters waiting in line by the time polls close will be allowed to vote.

Can I still register to vote?

Not for this election. Registration closed Oct. 6.

How do I find my Election Day polling place?

Polling places are listed on voter information cards issued upon registration. Voters can also check online, here at for Miami-Dade and here for Broward.

Has my Election Day polling place changed?

Maybe. Broward redrew all of its precinct boundaries in 2013. Miami-Dade redrew boundaries for 6 percent of registered voters this year. Affected Miami-Dade voters should have received two notifications in the mail.

What do I need to bring with me to vote?

Valid photo identification, such as a Florida driver’s license, a state identification card, a U.S. passport, a debit or credit card, military identification, student identification, retirement-center identification, neighborhood-association identification or public-assistance identification. Voters who provide identification without a signature will be asked to provide a second identification that does contain a signature.

What if I forget my valid photo ID?

Voters who do not provide acceptable identification at their precincts may cast a provisional ballot. It will count if the signature on the ballot envelope matches the signature on the voter’s registration application.

What will my ballot look like?

Voters can view customized ballots online, here for Miami-Dade and here for Broward.

Where can I find more information about candidates and ballot questions?

The Miami Herald has compiled its elections coverage here. Most candidates also have their own campaign websites.

Can I still request to receive a mailed absentee ballot?

No. The deadline was 5 p.m. Oct. 29.

Can I request an absentee ballot in person on Election Day?

No. Florida law changed last year and now prohibits elections departments from issuing absentee ballots at their headquarters on Election Day. The only exception is for voters who fill out affidavits affirming an emergency prevents them from going to their assigned polling place.

I already received an absentee ballot. Can I still turn it in?

Completed absentee ballots must be received by elections supervisors in voters’ county of residence by 7 p.m. Tuesday. They may be dropped off in person at the following locations.

In Miami-Dade:

• Elections department headquarters, 2700 NW 87th Ave., Doral.

• Elections department satellite office at County Hall (first floor), 111 NW First St., Miami.

In Broward:

• Elections department headquarters, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 102, Fort Lauderdale.

• Elections office behind Lauderhill mall, 1501 NW 40th Ave.

In the past, I’ve turned in my absentee ballot at my precinct. Can I do that again?

No. Florida law changed last year and no longer allows voters to drop off completed absentee ballots at Election Day polling places or early-voting locations. Voters who attempt to do so will be asked to surrender their ballots, which will be canceled, and cast in-person ballots instead.

I forgot to sign the outside envelope of my absentee ballot. What do I do?

Florida law now allows voters to “cure” unsigned absentee ballots by submitting affidavits affirming the ballots are theirs. Affidavits must be completed and submitted, along with valid ID, by 5 p.m Monday, the day before the election. Miami-Dade’s affidavit can be found here, with versions in Spanish and Creole available here. Broward’s can be found by visiting this website and clicking on the link titled, “Signature for unsigned absentee ballot certificate.”

Where can I view election results?

Statewide results will be available here, where visitors will have the ability to create custom results by categories, including particular races or counties. Those results will not be available until after 8 p.m. EST, after polls close in the Florida Panhandle, which has a different time zone than the rest of the state.

South Florida counties also post results online, after polls close at 7 p.m. Links to results will be posted live here for Miami-Dade and here for Broward.