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Charlie Crist: In his own words

When it comes to Florida is, if you want somebody that’s on the hard right, you have a candidate now. If you want somebody on the hard left, you have a candidate. But, if on the other hand, you want somebody who’s going to fight the gridlock in Washington, stand up for the people first instead of the party, do what’s right for Florida rather than what’s right for Washington, or right for just Republicans or Democrats, then you have an alternative. And that’s what we offer in this race.

My opponents are imprisoned by the parties, expected to do certain things. And that’s the real difference in this race. I don’t run against them. I run for the people of Florida. And I put forward a positive message about what I think is the right thing to do to rein in spending, to reduce our taxes, exactly like we’ve done here in Florida, to make sure that we’re innovative about trying to produce a better economy, a clean economy that produces new jobs, work with Democrats for that, work with Republicans to reduce taxes. Just the kinds of things that are common sense. That’s the thing that’s really missing in Washington today. Where’s the common sense?

Charlie Crist on CNN’s Larry King Live, Aug. 24.