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Alex Sink: In her own words

Floridians have endured $60 million in negative ads and personal attacks - but heard little about how my opponent will attack Florida's urgent challenges or help the millions of Floridians who are out of work or struggling to get by.

Anyone who has spent any time in Tallahassee knows that the partisanship and special interests are even worse than Floridians think. Like the people of Florida, I'm fed up with the indictments, arrests, and waste in state government. And as your next governor, I have a plan to reform government, and I will hold people accountable to get results and move Florida forward.

For governor, Floridians have a clear choice between a businesswoman with detailed plans to diversify Florida's economy and create jobs -- or more of the same tired promises, politics and partisanship that helped create the mess our economy and state government are in today.

Statement issued after winning Democratic primary, Aug. 24.