Voters Guide

Rick Scott: In his own words

Our goal is very simple: We want to improve the quality of life for every Floridian. And we believe that the only way to do that is to make the government work for us, instead of us working for the government.

Voters took a chance on me today. They know that I'm not a politician. That's right! And I didn't come up through the political ranks. And they know it was not my turn to be governor. But the voters also know this: Our state and our nation have been heading in the wrong direction for quite a while. People know that government cannot continue to expand. They know that you can't continue to spend more than you make. And they know you cannot keep piling up record debt each and every year. It's a mistake.

We've sent a clear message to Washington insiders - to Tallahassee insiders - and the special interests that fund both of them. The message: it's time to clean house and hold government accountable. It matters who governs. My Democrat opponent belongs to the insiders' club in Tallahassee -- insiders who have been doing the same thing for each other for years. I think it's time that Tallahassee started working for us.

Remarks made after winning the Republican primary, Aug. 24.