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Marco Rubio (R)

Marco Rubio (R)
Marco Rubio (R) Getty Images

Marco Rubio's personal magnetism and crowd-pleasing message have some likening him to an Obama of the right.

Marco Rubio: In his own words

In Florida, the choice that our people are going to have is very simple. If you like the direction that America is headed, if you think Washington is doing the right things, then there are two other people that are going to be on the ballot, and you should vote for one of them.

If, on the other hand, you are unhappy with the direction that Washington’s taking America, if you are unhappy with the road that we are on, then there’s only one person running, there’s only one campaign in Florida in 2010 that is offering to stand up to that agenda and, in its place, present a very clear alternative. If we stay on the road that Washington has us on right now, we will lose our exceptionalism. We will lose the things that make us special and unique.

Our economy is not creating jobs. You know why? Because politicians don’t create jobs. Jobs are created by everyday people from all walks of life, who start a business or expand an existing business. And the job of government is to make it easier for them to do that, not harder. But that’s not what they’re doing. Our government cannot continue to spend more money than it takes in, or soon we will face a Greece-like day of reckoning. And the world is a safer place when our country, the United States of America, is the strongest country in the world.

Speaking to supporters after winning Republican nomination, Aug. 24.

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