Voters Guide

Broward Circuit Court

Circuit Judge: Group 2

    Kenneth L. Gillespie Gillespie is a former prosecutor and senior trial attorney for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
    Oliver Parker Parker has been a lawyer for 32 years and is the former mayor of Lauderdale By The Sea.

Circuit Judge: Group 4

    Elijah H. Williams Williams has been presiding in juvenile court the last four of his eight years on the bench.

Circuit Judge: Group 6

    Frieda M. Goldstein Goldstein is an assistant chief counsel for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
    Carlos A. Rodriguez Rodriguez spent five years as a Broward assistant public defender before leaving for a civil practice in 1985.

Circuit Judge: Group 9

    Susan Lebow Lebow is the senior-most jurist in Broward's criminal court, having spent 24 years presiding over jury trials.
    Jill Tamkin Rafilovich Rafilovich is an immigration lawyer and former attorney for what is now the Department of Children & Families.

Circuit Judge: Group 15

    Matthew Isaac Destry Destry served 8 years as a Pinellas County prosecutor and worked in the Florida attorney general's office as a statewide prosecutor.
    Robert Abraham Jakovich Jakovich has spent 26 years as a Broward public defender, with more than 200 jury trials, from DUI to first-degree murder.

Circuit Judge: Group 22

    Robert ‘Bob’ Nichols Nichols became a national expert on Rohypnol -- the ``date rape'' drug -- during his 10 years as a prosecutor.
    Carlos Rebollo Rebollo was a Broward prosecutor for 19 years, during which he tried at least 200 felony trials.

Circuit Judge: Group 23

    Barbara Anne McCarthy McCarthy is a former magistrate and prosecutor, she presides in the family and dependency divisions.

Circuit Judge: Group 24

    Olga Levine Levine defends mentally ill youth, and most of her 21-year legal career has been with the public defender's office.
    John T. (‘Jack’) Luzzo Luzzo earned nationwide fame in 1982 for being the first judge in the country to sentence someone to jail for animal abuse.

Circuit Judge: Group 47

    Lisa Porter Porter spent 20 years in court as a prosecutor. After seven years as an assistant state attorney in Citrus and Marion counties, she moved to the Florida attorney general's office in Fort Lauderdale as a statewide prosecutor in 1995.
    Laura Renee Seidman Seidman has spent most of her 15-year career as legal counsel to such entities as North Broward Hospital District and Promise Healthcare.

Circuit Judge: Group 51

    Sandra Perlman Perlman is a veteran assistant public defender with 24 years' experience in circuit court.
    Lee Jay Seidman Seidman was appointed to county court in 2001. From 1984 to 1999 he served as a Broward prosecutor.

Circuit Judge: Group 53

    Eileen M. O’Connor O'Connor spent 22 years with the U.S. attorney's office before being appointed to the circuit court in 2003.
    Rhoda Sokoloff Sokoloff is a lawyer specializing in family, domestic-violence and dependency cases.