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Trump wants a Space Force. Here’s how the logo might make his campaign a few bucks

The Trump Campaign asks supporters to vote on a Space Force logo
The Trump Campaign asks supporters to vote on a Space Force logo

President Donald Trump desires not only a Space Force — he wants supporters to help select the Space Force logo.

This might or might not have anything to do with the Donald J. Trump for President 2020 campaign trying to pick up a few bucks by selling Space Force merchandise.

A Thursday email to Trump supporters from campaign manager Brad Parscale says, “President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE — a groundbreaking endeavor for the future of America and the final frontier. As a way to celebrate President Trump’s huge announcement, our campaign will be selling a new line of gear.

“But first we have to make a final decision on the design we will use to commemorate President Trump’s new Space Force — and he wants YOU to have a say.”

There are six choices. One of the logos looks like a red version of the NASA logo. Another one with spare graphics that recall the 1960s declares “Mars Awaits.”

Of course, no matter which logo is picked, it’s not as if the campaign would be selling merchandise with the logo of an actual government agency — yet. Trump signed an executive order directing the creation of a new military branch, the “Space Force,” on Monday.

But that isn’t as simple as the president saying “make it so,” like Capt Jean-Luc Picard of the “Star Trek” franchise.

“The Congress alone has the power to establish a new branch of the military and to establish the positions of senior executive officials to lead such a department,” Jonathan Turley, a professor at Georgetown University’s law school who has studied constitutional issues relating to the military, told Defense News. “While the Pentagon can informally create study or working groups, it has no such authority.”