The Florida Influencer Series

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The Florida Influencers Series

This election year, the Miami Herald, the Bradenton Herald and El Nuevo Herald are driving a conversation on the important issues facing our state. We’ve assembled a panel of 50 influential Floridians to offer their views.

The November election is just five months away. This election year, the Miami Herald, along with el Nuevo Herald and the Bradenton Herald, will put a sharp focus on the policy challenges that most affect our community and our future.

We know — because you’ve told us — that you want deeper insight into potential solutions our officials can pursue on everything from transportation and healthcare costs to housing affordability and sea level rise. And you want a better understanding of where our candidates stand on the policy issues that matter most.

To deliver this, today we are launching an important conversation between you and the leaders and influencers in our state — the Florida Influencer Series.

The Miami Herald has chosen 50 influential Floridians from across our state to discuss key issues and engage in a thoughtful conversation about solutions our government and our communities can pursue together.

Our Influencers include Archbishop Thomas Wenski; Maria Alonso, president of United Way of Miami-Dade; University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs; Jessica Goldman, CEO of Goldman Properties; and Franklin Sirmans, director of the Perez Art Museum Miami, just to name a few.

Each has shared their biggest concern about securing the best future for the state.

For banker and former senator Mel Martinez, it's affordable housing; for attorney Marlon Hill, it's income inequality. Law firm leader Jaret Davis and entertainment icon Emilio Estefan share a concern regarding lack of infrastructure and planning for existing and future generations. Teachers union president Joanne McCall is focused on the growing educator shortage and Florida Hospital CEO Daryl Tol says mental health services are chronically underfunded and need attention. (See the complete list of Florida Influencers and their key issues here.)

You are a crucial part of this conversation.

The Miami Herald is asking you, our readers, what issues are most important this election year. We also want to know what questions you have for the Influencers. To capture your feedback throughout the series, we are launching Your Voice, a new tool from a media-startup. It will be embedded in our stories and make this process both engaging and easy for you to participate.

Your feedback will help us set the course of the conversation through Election Day, as we survey the Influencers and bring them together for live public events to discuss solutions to the challenges you identify.

This is an important election year in Florida. We hope you will join us in keeping the conversation focused on the policy issues that matter most.

Aminda Marqués González,

Executive Editor, Vice President, the Miami Herald