Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio wants to sell home owned with David Rivera, to Democrats’ delight

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is selling the Tallahassee house he owns with an old friend — and Democrats want to help him find a buyer.

The Democratic National Committee created a tongue-in-cheek Craigslist post Monday after Politico reported that Rubio and beleaguered former U.S. Rep. David Rivera have put the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house on the market for $125,000. They bought it for $135,000 in 2005, when they were state lawmakers and roommates.

“My co-owner, David Rivera, has his hands full with an ethics investigation and I’ve been spending a lot of time in New Hampshire and Iowa,” the post says, as if written by Rubio. “I am ultimately looking to settle in Washington full time (been measuring the drapes for a pretty nice white house there), so this is priced to sell.”

Then come jabs at Rubio’s policies. “Great jogging trails in the area,” a bullet point says. “(I use them to run. Just turn far to the right and keep going.)”

Democrats initially omitted a required political-advertisement disclaimer but later added it to the bottom of the post.

No longer sharing a deed with Rivera could help Rubio as he prepares a likely Republican presidential run. The home created a headache for him in 2010, when a bank began foreclosure proceedings after he and Rivera failed to pay the mortgage for five months. The case was quickly settled. Rubio and Rivera have tried to offload the house before, to no avail. Their latest renter recently moved out.

In a nod to Rivera’s ongoing personal and campaign finance troubles, the Florida Democratic Party on Monday gleefully produced a news release — designed as a “For Sale” sign and displaying Rubio’s D.C. office phone number — ticking off house “amenities.”

One of them: “Industrial paper shredder.”

Another: “Thick window blinds to deter curious reporters and ensure interior remains as shady as the occupant.”