Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush’s doctor says he’s healthy enough to be president

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks a tailgate party before an NCAA college football game between Tennessee and Georgia last Saturday.
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks a tailgate party before an NCAA college football game between Tennessee and Georgia last Saturday. AP

Jeb Bush, who lost a remarkable amount of weight ahead of and during his presidential run, released a doctor’s note Thursday certifying he’s in good enough shape to lead the free world.

Sharing health records is one of the indignities presidential candidates voluntarily go through to brush off any lingering doubts about whether their age or medical conditions would get in the way of doing the job.

The 62-year-old Bush, however, published his medical history rather early in the 2016 Republican race — shortly after disclosing how much money his campaign raised in the last three months.

Team Bush characterized the bulk release — the campaign also sent out Bush’s 2014 tax return and a list of the political donors who have “bundled” contributions for him — as part of the former Florida governor’s “commitment to transparency.”

It also appeared to be a way to distract from Bush’s quarterly fundraising total: $13.4 million, more than any other Republican except Ben Carson and yet on a far slower pace than when Bush kicked off his campaign in June.

So how healthy is Bush?

He takes only one medication — atorvastatin, sold commercially as Lipitor — to keep down his cholesterol, according to his internist, Dr. Alberto Mitrani of Coral Gables. It was prescribed in 2013 with “family history in mind,” Mitrani wrote. Bush also takes vitamin D3 to control a past deficiency.

“Previous mild elevations of his blood pressure and his blood glucose have normalized with intensification of exercise, careful eating habits and loss of weight,” wrote Mitrani, who has been Bush’s physician since 2007.

Bush’s body-mass index, or BMI, remains slightly high for a typical adult, at 25.8. Bush, an avid golfer who’s 6-foot-3, has been on the low-carb Paleo diet for most of the past year. Thursday’s medical report didn’t list Bush’s weight.

A stress test and a carotid-artery ultrasound — separate exams recommended due to “family history” — showed Bush able “to complete high intensity physical activity” and a “minor thickening” of the artery wall, “with normal blood flow,” Mitrani wrote.

Bush’s prior medical history comprises colon polyps, gastritis, sinusitis and lower back pain. He had his appendix and tonsils removed, and had arthroscopic knee surgery.

“Mr. Bush is a healthy and vigorous 62-year-old man,” Mitrani concluded. “He is in excellent physical and mental condition and able to serve in any stressful and demanding executive setting including the Office of the President of the United States.”

Jeb Bush health stats

According to Dr. Alberto Mitrani, who examined Jeb Bush last month, here are key health stats from the physical and lab tests:

Blood pressure: 116/75

Pulse: 64

Body-mass index: 25.8

Total cholesterol: 146 mg/dl

LDL: 64 mg/dl

HDL: 89 mg/dl

Triglycerides: 33 mg/dl