The infamous elections history of Daphne Campbell’s campaign manager

State Rep. Daphne Campbell promotes legislation in 2011 on the floor of the Florida House.
State Rep. Daphne Campbell promotes legislation in 2011 on the floor of the Florida House. FLORIDA HOUSE

The man managing Democratic Rep. Daphne Campbell’s state Senate campaign is well known in Miami political circles — but not for a good reason.

Nacivre “Charlie” Charles finished probation three months ago for campaign violations related to illegal expenditures. Charles pleaded no contest last June to charges of authorizing illegal campaign expenditures when he ran the 2013 campaign of former North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau.

According to the arrest warrant, Charles approved $12,000 in withdrawals from Tondreau’s campaign account days after she won her runoff election in 2013. That’s well above the $500 limit.

The withdrawals had Charles’ name on them, according to police documents.

Charles paid a $358 court fee and was sentenced to probation last September. It ended in April after Charles completed an ethics class and 50 hours of community service.

Tondreau remains in prison over an unrelated mortgage-fraud case. She was a Campbell political consultant in 2010.

Campaign records show that Charles was paid $2,000 by the Campbell campaign on June 6 for “managing campaign activities.” He also worked for her in 2014.

Charles declined to comment Thursday on his past legal troubles.

In 2013, during Tondreau’s North Miami race, Charles was pulled over with numerous absentee ballot forms in his 2008 Toyota Tundra after county elections officials noticed 60 absentee ballot requests from the same online IP address.

Miami police contacted some of the voters who requested absentee ballots online and some said they gave personal information to Charles to request ballots on their behalf. According to police, the voters believed Charles worked for the elections department.

He was not charged in that case.

Charles still appears to be loyal to his incarcerated boss. His Facebook page bears a Tondreau campaign flier from 2013 as its cover photo.

Campbell did not respond to repeated calls and messages for comment.