Alvarez absent from new Miami-Dade police director ceremony

As is customary, past directors gathered last week for the confirmation of new Miami-Dade Police Director J.D. Patterson.

Predecessor Jim Loftus sat not far from Bobby Parker and Fred Taylor. Later, the trio and Patterson took pictures together.

Noticeably absent: The new National Physique Committee South Florida amateur body-building over-60 champion, Carlos Alvarez — who as director for seven years oversaw the careers of Patterson, Loftus and Parker.

Patterson made no mention of Alvarez, but had plenty of compliments for the others, thanking Taylor for promoting him to sergeant, Parker for blazing a trail as the first black director, and Loftus for serving as a strong leader.

Alvarez, who was recalled as county mayor in 2011, had been living under the radar until he showed up — muscles bulging and wearing only skimpy posing shorts — at a body-building event late last year.

He is seen publicly from time to time, and works out at the Equinox Gym in Coral Gables.