Broward district changes school-naming guidelines

With hundreds of schools, stadiums and athletic fields under its care, Broward’s school district has no shortage of facilities that are named after people, living and dead.

But getting your name onto a Broward school campus will be tougher from now on, after School Board members recently gave final approval to stricter naming guidelines. Entire schools can now only be named after deceased individuals, and portions of a school campus can only be named after elected officials or district employees if that person has been out of office, or off the district’s payroll, for at least two years.

The new rules follow 2011’s scathing grand jury report that ripped the district for a variety of misdeeds — including a naming policy it called “self serving.”

The report’s criticism focused on two different school athletic facilities that were named after former School Board member Robert Parks — while Parks was still in office.

School Board Chairwoman Laurie Rich Levinson said the new rules weren’t necessarily a response to the grand jury.

“We felt, as a board, that naming after people who were sitting on the board was not the appropriate way to be naming buildings, or parts of buildings,” she said.