PolitiFact: Reflections on the Obameter and Obama's campaign promises

As we finish our Obameter updates on President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign promises, we wanted to highlight our observations and reflections on Obama's vision of government, the individual promises and the journalistic challenge of diving into the bureaucracy to determine whether the pledge has been fulfilled.

Here's what PolitiFact editor Bill Adair said:

"What is remarkable to me about the Obameter is how the promises reflect Obama's vision that when there's a problem, government should fix it. With promises big and small, you can see that his vision is that government should play an active role anytime there's a problem, whether it's the need to revitalize rural communities, improve the treatment of autistic children or encourage "regional clusters" in city planning.

Seventeen years after Bill Clinton declared that 'the era of big government is over,' the Obameter and its 508 promises are testament to a different vision, that government — through hundreds of laws and programs and incentives — should take the lead in solving the nation's problems."

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