Interactive map: Longest and shortest lines on Election Day in Miami-Dade County

Despite the additional resources given to larger voting locations in Miami-Dade, locations with the most voters on Election Day tended to close the latest, indicating they had the longest lines at the scheduled 7 p.m. closing time.

Another factor appears to be location. Sites with the longest lines at 7 p.m. — those that took four or more hours after that deadline to wrap up — tended to be on the south and west sides of the county. Those that took less than 45 minutes — roughly the amount of time it would take poll workers to shut down a site — were located more centrally and to the east.

The West Kendall Regional Library was the last voting location in the county to shut down, taking just over seven hours to wrap up at 2:08 a.m. The Richmond Fire Station was the quickest, needing only 24 minutes.

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Longest lines: Took more than 4 hours to close
Shortest lines: Took less than 45 minutes to close

Source: Miami-Dade Elections Department