Pines voters split on charter amendments

Pembroke Pines voters were split on a number of items that changed their city charter with about 50 percent of the vote counted.

A majority of voters appeared to have said yes to giving the City Commission the power to appoint an interim commissioner in the event of a vacancy.

A required annual written performance review of the charter officers, which includes the city manager, city attorney, finance director and commission auditor, has a strong lead.

Another charter amendment that would require commission candidates to have lived in the district he or she seeks to represent for at least one year at the time of qualification appears to have a strong lead.

And the majority of voters appear to have said yes to requiring a four-fifths majority vote to hiring and removing a city auditor and to changing antiquated language in the city charter.

But voters appear to be shooting down a change to the city charter review board and a plan to require redistricting every 10 years to match the census.