Miami to update Fidel Castro death plan

When rumors swirled recently that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro might be dead, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado said the city had a plan to keep Miami’s streets orderly.

“Protestors go to the Orange Bowl,” he said.

That might make sense — if the Orange Bowl still existed. The football stadium was demolished in 2008, and the new Marlins Ballpark built in its place.

“The last plan we had was to set up a stage [for protestors] at the Orange Bowl,” Regalado clarified. “Obviously, that plan was never updated.”

The rumors of Castro’s death were not confirmed. Still, Regalado admitted the city would have to make new arrangements.

One thing the revised plan isn’t likely to include: the new ballpark.

“I don’t think the Marlins would want that,” Regalado said. “Knowing them, they would charge to protest.”

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