Hialeah mayor to resident: Take complaints outside

If you get called names by a friend of Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez, don’t go complaining to him about it.

Rather: “Bring it outside,” the mayor told a resident at a City Council meeting last week.

That’s what Hernandez suggested, and what was echoed by Council President Isis Garcia-Martinez, when 23-year Julio Rodriguez complained that Glenn Rice, a man often seen around town with the mayor, had called Rodriguez a derogatory word for part of a woman’s anatomy. (Think: another word for kitty cat.)

Hernandez responded: “Don’t be bringing your dirty laundry here. You got a problem with Glenn Rice, bring it outside.”

Garcia-Martinez later added: “If you have an issue with Mr. Rice, take it outside.”

The exchange laid bare bitter political rivalries. Rodriguez is the face of a local newspaper that blasts the current city administration for high crimes rates and launching internal affairs investigations, among other things. Rice is a former Hialeah cop who worked on Hernandez’s campaign.

On the dais, Hernandez accused Rodriguez of stirring up trouble before an election and pressed Rodriguez to admit that he was planning on running for office.

Garcia-Martinez, meanwhile, tried to get Rodriguez to admit that he’s not really the one running the Hialeah Al Punto newspaper. The suspicion is that other rivals of the Hernandez administration are actually behind the paper.