Charter school lobbies for potential Miami-Dade bond money

As Miami-Dade schools chief Alberto Carvalho stumps for the district’s $1.2 billion bond proposal, schools and groups have started jockeying for potential dollars.

Even a charter school, Doctors Charter School of Miami Shores, would like some.

In a letter to the Miami-Dade School Board, the charter school’s board presented its financial case and said it has plans for a new gym and needs dressing rooms for P.E.

“To conclude, we are requesting a commitment to our charter school from the proceeds of the 21st Century Schools bond initiative,” the letter said. “In return, for such a favorable assurance, our Board, to the extent possible, will advocate in favor of the Bond with immediate efficiency with all our constituents.”

John Schuster, a district spokesman, said general obligation bond money “can only be used to support public assets.”

“The state has approved the project list for the proposed bonds,” he said.

School Board member Dorothy Bendross Mindingall, whose district includes Miami Shores, said she wished the education system had enough money for all children. “We’re not in the business of adding on and subtracting,” she said of the project list. “And I know the charter school directors would understand that.”