Homestead City Hall may be contaminated

A recent environmental report found that Homestead City Hall is contaminated with radon, a radioactive, cancer-causing gas. The building is also full of mold, according to the report.

The discovery has prompted talk of reviving plans to build a new city hall, which were scrapped in 2009 because of concern over the $20 million price tag.

But Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman still doesn’t think the city should spend money on a new building.

His solution: “You could open a window and clear radon in 24 hours. ... Get some cross ventilation in there.”

Problem is, most of the windows in Homestead City Hall don’t open.

As for the mold: “You’ll kill mold with one swipe of bleach,” he said. “Boom.”

He also suggested air purifiers and installing an ultraviolet light in the city’s air conditioning systems.