Florida Redistricting

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In the Courts

Naked Politics StoryMarch 12: Senate lawyers want court to wait to decide congressional maps until after election

Naked Politics StoryMarch 9: Highlights of the Supreme Court ruling on redistricting

Naked Politics StoryMarch 9: Court upholds House redistricting map, rejects Senate's plan

Naked Politics StoryMarch 5: Haridopolos: We'll be back for a special session on redistricting

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 29: Supreme Court gets quickly to the point: how far should it go on redistricting

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 28: Justices seek input on how to handle new redistricting rules

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 28: Redistricting is creating rifts in the state’s non-partisan high court

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Another divided opinion on redistricting from the Supremes

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 17: Florida Democrats file first redistricting salvo in legislative maps

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 10: Start your redistricting clock: Bondi sends maps to court

In South Florida

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 11: Democrats, independents tilt Miami’s congressional districts

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Tribe to Legislature: You regulate, not ban, Internet Cafes, you lose our cash

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 2: Redistricting maps are shuffling Florida’s political landscape

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Shakeup: Adam Hasner to run for West's CD seat; Mack could walk in U.S. Senate primary

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Allen West to run in Rep. Tom Rooney's district (told ya so)

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Appeals court throws out Brown and Diaz-Balart redistricting lawsuit

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Allen West's wife sees no conspiracy in redistricting

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Fair Districts lambasts legislative maps, details alleged legal violations

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Mario Diaz-Balart picks congressional seat, before redistricting maps are final

Miami Herald Story Jan. 16: Mudslinging begins in state race in Miami

Miami Herald Story Jan. 7: Broward lawmakers to tackle redistricting, gambling

Miami Herald Story Jan. 4: Republicans are prepared to sacrifice numbers in the redistricting battle

Naked Politics Story Jan. 3: GOP infighting: Flare-up over failure to gerrymander in favor of Allen West

Naked Politics Story Dec. 6: House map pits 11 incumbents against each other in MD and Broward

Miami Herald Story Dec. 6: Redistricting plan creates competitive races

Miami Herald Story Nov. 27: Tensions over minority redistricting divide legislators

Naked Politics Story Nov. 2: South Florida to lose clout in redistricting

In the House

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 16: Legislative plan to give themselves immunity sparks another redistricting feud

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 16: With redistricting lawsuit looming, legislators want immunity

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 3: House passes redistricting maps with a party line vote

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Weatherford to West: Legislative maps are not targeting you

Miami Herald StoryJan. 27: House counters critics, passes redistricting maps

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: House committee slaps down Fair Districts plan, blasts its 11th-hour critique

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: With redistricting deal nearly done, 38 House members must battle it out

Naked Politics Story Jan. 9: House narrows its list of maps with votes along party lines

Naked Politics Story Dec. 8: Redistricting Round One in House -- Terms to know

Miami Herald Story Dec. 8: House maps create more compact districts, some competition

Naked Politics Story Dec. 7: Schale: House congressional maps draw 9 hot spots

Naked Politics Story Dec. 2: Weatherford agrees with Gaetz: We'll take your redistricting map, you take ours

In The Senate

Naked Politics StoryMarch 12: Redistricting session puts Senate under the gun again

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 9: Shots fired: Legislators pass redistricting maps, lawsuit launched

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 7: New Florida legislative seats draw old names: Gus Barreiro and Renier Diaz de la Portilla

Miami Herald StoryJan. 25: Personal agendas are at stake with Senate redistricting maps

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Oelrich announces he'll seek new GOP congressional seat

Naked Politics Story Jan. 17: Senate passes Senate map with 7 Dems in support

Miami Herald Story Jan. 17: Senate earns bi-partisan support for its redistricting maps as critics complain

Naked Politics Story Jan. 17: Fair Districts coalition slaps back: Senate criticism is a smoke screen

Miami Herald Story Jan. 16: Maps produced under new redistricting standards leave Democrats divided, GOP nervous

Naked Politics Story Jan. 13: Rich decides not to file amendment for Dems redistricting map

Miami Herald Story Jan. 11: Senate committee finalizes redistricting maps as Democrats split

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: Senate committee signs off on its redistricting maps

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: Analysis: Senate Dems redistricting alternative would create more competition

Naked Politics Story Dec. 6: Senate redistricting maps appear headed for swift approval

Miami Herald Story Dec. 6: Florida Senate's redistricting map mirrors plan by NAACP

Naked Politics Story Dec. 1: Oelrich: If Congressional map remains, I'll run for Congress

Miami Herald Story Nov. 29: Senate maps help and hurt Republicans, pack Democrats into minority seats

Naked Politics Story Nov. 29: Senate's offers House redistricting olive branch: we'll take your map

Miami Herald Story Nov. 28: First redistricting maps for Florida create new Hispanic seats and retain GOP strength

Naked Politics Story Nov. 28: Democratic leaders blast Senate maps