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Miami Herald StoryMarch 10: Legislators hit hardest the pocketbooks of state workers, college students

Miami Herald StoryMarch 10: Legislature approves $70 billion budget

Naked Politics StoryMarch 10: Auto insurance group strokes $100k check to Rick Scott as he pushes PIP, bashes ‘special interests’

Naked Politics StoryMarch 9: Legislature approves Medicaid plan derided by counties

Naked Politics StoryMarch 9: Medicaid vote a tough call for Democrats

Naked Politics StoryMarch 9: Senate president agrees to study economic incentives

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Tea Party defends counties in Medicaid billing dispute

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Brody claims bill, 10 others, pass House after compromise over fees

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Last-minute amendment could provide $800 million in tax relief for business

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Last-minute insurance tax break surfaces

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Lawyer opts to scrap all fees in order to pass Brody claims bill

Naked Politics StoryMarch 7: Democrats say budget shortchanges schools

Naked Politics StoryMarch 7: Alex Penelas confirms to Spanish-language radio that he's considering run against David Rivera

Naked Politics StoryMarch 7: Legislature OKs state pension chief's plan to expand limit on special investments

Tampa Bay Times StoryMarch 6: Breaking down judge's ruling against Florida's pension law

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: Scott and Haridopolos full of spite for Fulford's ruling

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: Scott blasts court ruling, promises 'swift appeal'

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: UPDATED County commissioner slams Miami-Dade legislative delegation for Jackson cuts; delegation chairman says cuts could have been worse

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: State prepared to spend $800,000 to defend itself in pension appeal

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: Judge rules against the state, calls breach of contract 'unconstitutional taking' | Video

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: Sen. Alexander: Doesn't matter what judge says on pensions, budget stands

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: Genshaft delivers rosy wrap-up of Legislative budget issues

Naked Politics StoryMarch 5: Video: Budget Wrap-up

Tampa Bay Times StoryMarch 5: In last-minute deal, House eases costs in USF Poly split

Naked Politics StoryMarch 5: House passes $10.75 million claims bill for Eric Brody

Naked Politics StoryMarch 5: Judge to rule Tuesday whether legislators dug a $2 billion budget hole or not

Tampa Bay Times StoryMarch 4: Grounded by Rick Scott, Cabinet members learn how to travel Florida without a state plane

Naked Politics StoryMarch 3: State budget talks move forward

Naked Politics StoryMarch 2: House approves PIP reform

Naked Politics StoryMarch 2: Lawmakers defend JD Alexander over Polk County road deal

Naked Politics StoryMarch 2: Lawmakers to hammer out budget issues, deliberate parent trigger this weekend

Naked Politics StoryMarch 2: Lawmakers angry over decision to shut inmate re-entry centers in Broward, Manatee

Tampa Bay Times StoryMarch 1: Road JD Alexander fought for tucked into state budget

Miami Herald StoryMarch 1: Everglades may get boost from lawmakers

Naked Politics StoryMarch 1: 'Real divides' in health care budget slowing budget progress

Naked Politics StoryMarch 1: As USF leaders wrestle with budget cuts, students protest outside

Naked Politics StoryMarch 1: Haridopolos claims victory on Dillon claims bill

Naked Politics StoryMarch 1: House, Senate agree on PreK-12 budget

Tampa Bay Times StoryMarch 1: Medicaid billing fight could cost Florida counties

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 28: Video: JD Alexander And Mike Haridopolos Discuss Budget Negotiations

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 28: ‘Frustrated’ Grimsley says budget talks have collapsed with Senate

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 27: Adkins can't add sharing language into charter school bill -- yet

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 27: Healthcare groups ramp up criticism of proposed hospital cuts

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 27: Budget talks underway, informally and privately

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 24: House passes bill compensating William Dillon for 27 years in prison

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 24: Genshaft on Thursday's Senate budget vote: "Moving in the right direction"

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Senate votes to create 12th university

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Senate votes to restore a total of $46 million back to USF

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Bipartisan Senate okays budget, adds 'turkeys'

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Lynn grilled on university system budget cuts, 12th university

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: New tax cut carved out for Canadian billionaire's slaughterhouse in Marion Co.

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Elections watchdogs wary of big budget hit, though a fix may come

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Under substitute amendments signed by Alexander, USF would get some money back

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 21: Report: State university system has $80 billion economic impact

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 21: Norman gaining signatures on USF funding amendment

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 20: As Genshaft and Alexander talk, Norman plans back-up amendment

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 20: Sen. Alexander and USF Pres. Genshaft to face off

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 17: House subcommittee passes 16 of 17 claims bills

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 17: Gov. Rick Scott mulls moving forward with prison privatization despite Senate rejection

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 16: Lawsuit filed to keep Hillsborough prison open

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 16: "Robbing Peter to pay Paul?": Money from online taxes could go to new biz tax cutsLegislators want more i

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: Senators pull plan to hold $25 mill "contingency" from USF

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: Senate committee agrees to keep prison in Jefferson County open

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: Rep. Cruz: Alexander targeted USF

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: Gov. Scott's biz tax-cut plan clears House

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: Norman blasts Lynn over higher ed cuts

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: After dying in House, Constitutionally-questionable drug-testing bill revived

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: Committee votes to impose full cigarette tax on roll-your-own machines

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 15: USF Poly drama heating up as Senate budget committee gets underway

Tampa Bay Times StoryFeb. 14: Senate plan includes big cuts to mental health programs

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 14: Miami lawmakers push claims bill for 14-year-old boy

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 14: After parliamentary bout of grandstanding, House advances Scott's biz tax cuts

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 14: House panel kills controversial charter school proposal

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 14: Bill to privatize prisons dies in Senate

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 13: Prison privatization alive in Senate -- but just barely | Naked Politics Story And how they voted.

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 13: House Democrats urge Speaker to move on Brody, Dillon claims bills

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 13: USF gets disproportionate cut in Senate budget recommendations

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 11: It’s rich vs. super rich in boat battle

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 11: Tallahassee tax cuts put squeeze on cities

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 9: Negron gets support for bill to repeal ballot access of budget and tax commissions

Tampa Bay Times StoryFeb. 9: Gov. Scott announces $45 million petroleum expansion for Port of Tampa

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 9: House passes spending plan

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 8: Senate budget calls for more local funding, less state money for hospitals

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 8: House won't give PECO funds to traditional public schools

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 8: Florida House: School districts should cut salaries, not close schools

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 7: Miami-Dade college president deems budget allocation process unfair

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 7: Senate recommends 3 percent tuition hike for workforce education, colleges

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 7: The Senate wants to boost school spending, too

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 6: Senators reject efforts to repeal so-called 'nuclear tax'

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 6: Floridians oppose cutting hospital funding, industry group says

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Bills to tax online sales advance in Senate

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Penny pinching? Or publicity stunt?

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Healthcare reform saved Floridians $142 million, feds say

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Educators, healthcare workers say state should increase revenue, not cut spending

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Gov. Scott "extremely disappointed" in opponents of prison privatization, cites pension fund as a reason for the plan

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Fasano is removed as chairman of budget committee for opposing prison plan

Miami Herald StoryJan. 31: Lawmaker pitches school tax swap

Tampa Bay Times StoryJan. 25: Florida hospitals bracing for more Medicaid cuts

Tampa Bay Times StoryJan. 25: House higher education plan includes tuition increases, budget cuts

Miami Herald Story Jan. 20: Jackson Health System projects that it could run out of cash this summer

Miami Herald Story Jan. 19: Bill would allow Florida to sell naming rights to state-owned facilities

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: Return of prison privatization sets off a furor

Miami Herald Story Jan. 16: Tallahassee battle lines drawn over Internet sales tax

Naked Politics Story Jan. 13: Bad news for school construction

Miami Herald Story Jan. 13: Senate wants a session break — to wait for revenues and avoid cuts

Miami Herald Story Jan. 12: Gov. Rick Scott’s budget axe targets women’s prison in Broward

Miami Herald Story Jan. 11: Scott touts jobs, less taxes, more money for schools

Miami Herald Story Jan. 9: Scott’s mission still about jobs

Miami Herald Story Jan. 8: State lawmakers open session facing $2 billion budget shortfall

Naked Politics Story Jan. 7: Gov. Scott will propose closing more prisons

Naked Politics Story Jan. 7: Scott budget plan helps schools, hits hospitals

Miami Herald Story Jan. 5: Police layoffs expected after Miami-Dade commissioners refuse to impose healthcare concession