Gambling Debate

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Casino Prospects


Pari-mutuels, etc.





Gaming in Florida

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 19: Casinos at the crossroads: 7 key moments marked historic debate

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 4: Casinos in limbo, but the issue has changed landscape

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 3: Fresen says casino bill is 'dead for the year'

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 3: Casino bill all but dies as Fresen postpones vote

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 2: Casino bill appears headed for House defeat

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Fresen releases casino amendment for Friday show-down

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: House keeps Internet Cafe ban alive

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: North Florida counties approve slots but court battle awaits

Miami Herald StoryJan. 29: Poll: Let voters — not lawmakers —decide future of casinos in Florida

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: Helped by $10m from casino magnate, Gingrich says gambling is a "worry."

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Miami lawmaker gets spoofed into calls on casino bill

Miami Herald StoryJan. 22: Poll: Miami-Dade voters evenly split on casinos, but opposition growing

Miami Herald StoryJan. 19: House casino bill sponsor proposes changes to reduce gambling options

Miami Herald StoryJan. 17: Resort casino debate could become epic battle

Miami Herald StoryJan. 14: It’s Miccosukees vs. Lehtinen in legal battle over Miami-Dade casino taxes | Naked Politics Story  Original Nov. 30 story.

Miami Herald StoryJan. 13: Casino gambling debate money boosts state fundraising totals

Miami Herald StoryJan. 10: Poll: More think casinos good for Florida economy

Naked Politics Story Jan. 10: Braman makes appeal to legislators to reject casino bill

Naked Politics Story Jan. 10: Dueling casino ads hit the airwaves

Miami Herald StoryJan. 8: Business interests have aggressive agenda for Florida’s Legislature

Miami Herald StoryJan. 7: Miami-Dade lawmakers eye gambling, state funds in session

Miami Herald StoryJan. 7: Broward lawmakers to tackle redistricting, gambling

Naked Politics Story Jan. 6: Here's the rewrite of Bogdanoff's destination resorts bill

Naked Politics Story Jan. 6: Atwater: Gambling bill won't 'contain' gaming

Naked Politics Story Jan. 6: After surveying members, small business group stays neutral on gaming

Miami Herald StoryJan. 5: Revised gambling bill asks voters to decide fate of future casinos

Tampa Bay Times/PolitiFact StoryJan. 5: PolitiFact Florida: Is claim on Florida’s gambling rank among states true?

Naked Politics Story Dec. 15: Bondi stands by her claim that drug dealers use casinos to launder money

Miami Herald StoryDec. 15: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi walks back casino money-laundering claim

Naked Politics Story Dec. 13: Cannon: Give priority to closing gambling loopholes

Miami Herald StoryDec. 10: Economists say casino bill too uncertain to give it a revenue number

Naked Politics Story Dec. 9: Is the casino bill dividing Florida's GOP?

Miami Herald StoryDec. 7: Casino bill faces resistance even in normally friendly committee

Miami Herald StoryDec. 6: Miami chamber getting closer to casino stand

Miami Herald StoryDec. 5: Miami Beach convention center supporters hedge casino bets

Miami Herald StoryDec. 4: Miami casino plan could start shrinking

Miami Herald StoryNov. 29: Miami casino debate growing in intensity

Naked Politics Story Nov. 23: Miami-Dade commissioner proposes gambling straw poll, but idea is tabled for now

Miami Herald StoryNov. 20: Casino debate revives concerns over broken promises

Miami Herald StoryNov. 19: Florida’s proposed 10% casino tax called jackpot for industry

Miami Herald StoryNov. 19: Big casino markets don’t mean big casino taxes

Naked Politics Story Nov. 18: What's the truth about gamblers and income?

Miami Herald StoryNov. 17: Miami mayor: downtown casino could be “the best” or “the worst” for the city

Miami Herald StoryNov. 15: Bill would replace resort casinos with more money from Seminoles

Miami Herald StoryNov. 11: Florida economists: Casino revenue would be mild boost to state coffers

Naked Politics Story Nov. 3: Legislators: Recent exploitation of gambling loopholes provide 'script' for reform

Naked Politics Story Nov. 2: House leadership expresses skepticism about promises over casino bills

Miami Herald StoryNov. 2: Betting on casino jobs

Naked Politics Story Nov. 1: Report: Problem gambling on the rise in Florida as lawmakers discuss expansions

Genting, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn



Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: LV Sands: Fresen's proposed amendments make casino bill 'less appealing'

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: UPDATED: Another Resorts World Miami ad hits radio

Naked Politics Story Jan. 12: Genting, trying to win hearts and minds, advertises on Spanish-language radio in Miami

Naked Politics Story Jan. 10: Gambling magnate's $5m to air docu-ad trashing 'ruthless' Mitt Romney is all about helping friend, Newt Gingrich

Miami Herald StoryDec. 13: Genting’s Miami casino revenue projections near the top

Miami Herald StoryDec. 12: Genting: Our Miami casino won’t be the largest in the world

Naked Politics Story Dec. 12: LV Sands challenges Bondi for suggesting that casinos equal crime

Naked Politics Story Dec. 1: Top Florida lawmakers to Genting: Shut up

Miami Herald StoryNov. 16: Genting’s spectacular promises raise legislative doubts

Naked Politics Story Nov. 16: Bogdanoff to Genting: 'Tone the rhetoric down'

Miami Herald StoryNov. 9: Wynn endorses Miami Beach for casino site

Miami Herald StoryNov. 2: 2nd Miami casino site looking for suitors

Miami Herald StoryOct. 28: Two Vegas magnates disagree on Miami’s casino potential

Miami Herald StoryOct. 27: Miami casino would be bigger than Vegas competitors

Pari-mutuels, Internet Cafes, Jai Alai and Barrel Racing



Naked Politics StoryMarch 1: Ban on Internet cafes passes House, but called 'stone-cold dead' in Senate

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 8: Legislators reject attempt to clarify regulation of slot machines

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Senate committee votes to tighten parimutuel loopholes and free the racing dogs

Miami Herald StoryJan. 19: Senate panel approves new rules for Internet cafes

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: Rick Scott wants Internet Cafes shut down, says they're 'not legal'

Naked Politics Story Jan. 12: Attorney general opinion puts reins on slots at Gretna barrel racing track

Miami Herald StoryJan. 11: Pari-mutuels may endanger destination casino bill

Miami Herald StoryJan. 10: Pari-mutuels gain parity in gambling bill

Naked Politics Story Dec 13: Court denies request to halt quarter horse barrel racing

Miami Herald StoryDec. 13: Mardi Gras Casino sues state over possible jai-alai expansion in Miami

Naked Politics Story Dec. 12: State gambling regulators fending off challenges with two barrels

Miami Herald StoryDec. 5: Florida gambling law filled with barrel-sized loopholes

Naked Politics Story Nov. 30: State regulator retires to take a job, he thinks, with barrel racing track

Naked Politics Story Nov. 17: Slot machines arrive at Miami's jai alai

Miami Herald StoryNov. 9: Challenges promised to gambling permits issued under state loophole

Miami Herald StoryNov. 7: Jai-alai in Weston? Bergeron seeks state approval

Miami Herald StoryNov. 4: Voters could add slot-machine casino to Palm Beach dog track

Miami Herald StoryNov. 1: Racetrack gets license for another Miami casino

Naked Politics Story Oct. 31: Florida's poorest county gets newest gambling venue

Miami Herald StoryOct. 26: Casino bill would help mega resorts, hurts racetracks

Groups and Individuals in support of gaming in some form



Miami Herald StoryJan. 4: Miami Chamber of Commerce endorses casinos

Miami Herald StoryDec. 15: MGM CEO offers views on South Florida casino market potential

Miami Herald StoryDec. 15: Florida Panthers’ arena latest bidder for high-stakes casino

Naked Politics Story Dec. 3: AIF launches $100k casino ad buy in Tally

Naked Politics Story Nov. 17: AIF faces off with Chamber -- this time over casinos

Naked Politics Story Nov. 17: Gambling lobbyists dominate the big earnings from last quarter

Naked Politics Story Nov. 15: Latin Builders Association join chorus to endorse casinos

Miami Herald StoryNov. 14: Greater Miami Chamber releases pro-casino survey

Naked Politics Story Nov. 14: Another business group endorses resort casinos bill

Miami Herald StoryNov. 8: Casino backer blasts critics for being against competition

Groups and Individuals in opposition of gaming in some form



Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Chamber launches new anti-gambling ad, mocking pro-casino's Ben Stein

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: No Casinos focuses on Las Vegas' troubles in new ad

Miami Herald StoryDec. 16: Pinecrest council comes out against casinos

Naked Politics Story Dec. 16: Sheriffs weigh in and oppose casino gambling proposal

Naked Politics Story Dec. 15: Poll: Voters outside Southeast Florida don't want to bet on casinos

Miami Herald StoryDec. 14: Miami Beach reiterates anti-casino stance

Miami Herald StoryDec. 11: Miami’s arts scene frames casinos as threat

Naked Politics Story Nov. 23: No Casinos offers its suggestions for why casino promoters are thankful

Miami Herald StoryNov. 11: Seminoles blast resort-gambling bill

Naked Politics Story Nov. 3: No Casinos hits the airwaves

Naked Politics Story Nov. 2: Florida's tourist attractions group opposes resort casino bill

Naked Politics Story Nov. 1: Gambling opponents to track votes, keep lists, in opposition to casino expansion

Miami Herald StoryOct. 31: Micky Arison warns of traffic nightmare if casinos come to downtown Miami

Miami Herald StoryOct. 28: Opponents line up against new casino bill