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Naked Politics StoryMarch 9: Two DLPs in the crazy Florida Senate? Alex Diaz de la Portilla wants to run for Senate

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Miami-Dade commissioners put term limits to voters as grassroots campaign gears up

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Gay Miami Beach commissioner says he won't run for Richard Steinberg's Florida House seat

Naked Politics StoryMarch 8: Senate moving slowly but Oelrich, congressional hopeful, has time for fundraiser

Naked Politics StoryMarch 7: Commissioner Chip LaMarca won't run for Allen West's seat

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: Miami-Dade Chair Joe Martinez signals commitment to mayor's race with November resignation letter

Naked Politics StoryMarch 6: Former Dade mayor & 'sexiest' pol, Alex Penelas, might run against ethics-hobbled David Rivera for Congress

Naked Politics StoryMarch 5: Fox News Latino poll: Hispanics favor President Barack Obama over GOP hopefuls

Naked Politics StoryMarch 5: Florida Democrats single out Vern Buchanan

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 28: Rick Scott applauds Obama

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 27: Inside baseball over the Marlins stadium could affect two S. Fla. political races

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 27: George LeMieux's "Two-and-a-half Macks" video seeks to make Connie Mack a mockery

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 27: Ann Coulter: Jeb Bush would be "embarrassing to the Republican Party

The Buzz StoryFeb. 25: Florida Insider Poll: Vice President Marco Rubio edition

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 24: Jeb finds “fear” mongering by GOP candidates “a little troubling.” Paging Rick Santorum?

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 23: President Obama talks gas prices, energy policies — and raises lots of cash

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Gardiner secures pledges; Thrasher says fight's still on, Negron agrees

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: A glimpse of the Korge manse, Obama fundraiser

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Miami's Luis Garcia: name-dropping or donor poaching?

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Behind the Senate budget, a deal on Senate president

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: In Miami, Obama blasts 'phony election-year' promises of lower gas prices

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 23: Mack camp calls out LeMieux's 'juvenile, embarrassing campaign' over Charlie Sheen crack

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Ouch. Video of George LeMieux touting 'shovel-ready' aspects of Obama's stimulus

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Ooops. While hurling Crist-slur at George LeMieux, Connie Mack has some Charlie taint

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Connie Mack camp: George LeMieux 'created Charlie Crist,' asks if he's 'amoral'

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: LeMieux says Mack is "the Charlie Sheen of Florida politics"

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Thrasher denies striking deals to oust Gardiner

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Appraiser will examine Connie Mack's tax-break 'conundrum.' But congressman's probably in the clear.

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Latvala and Gardiner sing Kumbaya

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 22: Florida woman named co-chair of Obama re-election campaign

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 21: Gardiner 'a happy warrior' beats back attempt to crush bid for Senate prez

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 21: Sen. Andy Gardiner: I'm not going anywhere -- remains in Senate president battle

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 21: FL Senate President-race shakeup? Andy Gardiner could soon drop out, leave Thrasher or Negron to face Jack Latvala

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 20: Obama heads to Florida for votes and cash

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 20: Amid fundraising binge, President Obama to speak Thursday at UM. So you're paying for it

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 20: George LeMieux wins GOP women straw-poll, Connie Mack loses (and why it's important).

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 19: Fla. Senate candidate Mack says divorce is behind financial woes

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 17: Shadow political committee targets Connie "Mini Mack" in Senate race

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 17: Connie Mack preaches penny-pinching on campaign trail, but has past of debt and liens

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 16: LaMarca tests the waters in Allen West's district

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 16: Hasner! gets the endorsement of Jeb!

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 14: U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson draws Democratic primary challenge from Rudy Moise

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 14: Sheriff Robert Crowder to challenge Allen West in a GOP primary

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 13: Obama for America launches "Truth Teams"

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 13: Connie Mack talks ‘thugocrats,’ touts top congressional support in Hialeah

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 12: Obama’s reversal of fortune

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 10: Penny for your thoughts? Connie Mack at CPAC talks budget, penny plan

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 10: In Senate campaign, Bill Nelson clearly criticizes Obama contraception rule before Connie Mack, George LeMieux

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 9: Mud flies in South Miami commission, mayor race

McClatchy StoryFeb. 9: As Obama's political fortunes rise, fight over contraception mandate casts a cloud

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 9: Miami's GOP congressional leaders to officially endorse Connie Mack on Monday

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 9: Iraq war vet, federal prosecutor Ron DeSantis to run in CD-6 (bad news, Craig Miller)

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 9: Contra-Obama on contraception, Bill Nelson's runaway from the president becoming pattern

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 8: Patrick Murphy to run against Rep. Allen West in new district

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 8: Team Obama: Man, this GOP primary is great!

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 7: $10k=pic with Obama at the Biltmore. $15k=pic with Obama at lawyer-lobbyist's home near Timbaland manse

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 3: Broward commissioner jumps in Congressional race for Allen West's seat

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 3: Political sons, unite: Jeb Bush Jr. endorses Connie Mack IV

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 3: Michelle Obama to hit Florida on national "Let's Move!" tour

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Rubio on Obama: "I don't know where he got his law degree from"

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: BuzzFeed: Marco Rubio spent $21,000 to research himself

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Allen West was a big part of the ka-ching! for Democrats raising money

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: The Republican presidential primary's big winner: Connie Mack

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Connie Mack raising big Coral Gables coin with Jeb Bush Jr.

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Allen West endorses Adam Hasner

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: The Dems who may run in the Allen West-less district

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Rodstrom may run for Allen West's seat

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: The Obama campaign's take: Mitt Romney's campaign started 'backfiring' in FL

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Rivera-Garcia House race slow to launch, posts lackluster fundraising

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Newt-ered

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Rick Scott speaks up on Romney's win

Miami Herald StoryJan. 31: Mitt Romney routs Newt Gingrich and rest of GOP field

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Marco Rubio leads contraception-religion-ObamaCare battle with bill

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Marco Rubio's Reclaim America raised $563k

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: In last pitches to Hispanics, Mitt Romney's 'conviction' and Newt Gingrich's 'iron fist'

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Gov. Rick Scott's choice for president still secret

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: 8 counties to watch in Florida's Republican presidential primary

Miami Herald StoryJan. 30: Newt Gingrich looks like a goner in Fla. — but by how much?

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Think tank: 1 of 3 Hispanic voters in Florida are registered GOP

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Pre-Election Day early vote total: nearly 600,000 early votes cast by FL GOP (almost SC total)

Miami Herald StoryJan. 28: In Miami, Gingrich and Romney court Hispanic vote

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Allen West on NPR: GOP candidates should go after Obama, not each other

Miami Herald StoryJan. 27: Freddie Mac attack boomerangs on Connie Mack

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: As GOPers go to vote, Obama-ites organize in Florida

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: In Tampa, strong criticism of Florida voting laws

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Protesters interrupt Marco Rubio speech at Jeb Bush's Hispanic Leadership Network

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Rubio on CBS declares Florida key to primary, hedges after critique of Gingrich ad

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: ICYMI .... Jeb Bush, Godfather of Florida politics, speaks

Miami Herald StoryJan. 25: Gingrich, Romney continue attacks in Miami

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Obama Leads by Wide Margins Among Latinos, but Florida in Play for GOP, poll says

Miami Herald StoryJan. 25: Miami becomes battleground for Gingrich, Romney

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dan Webster pair up for SOTU

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Florida primary delegate drama. Winner-take-all? Or proportional delegates?

Naked Politics Story Jan. 22: Welcome to Florida, Debbie Wasserman Schultz tells the GOP

Naked Politics Story Jan. 21: FL update: Nearly 200,000 Republicans have voted early, by mail.

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: More than 143,000 FL GOP voters have cast ballots -- 20,000 more than Iowa caucus

Naked Politics Story Jan. 12: Barack Obama reports $68m cash haul

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: RNC announces new Hispanic outreach director, Bettina Inclan

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: States' rights? RNC punishes Florida GOP with second-class hotel rooms, etc. for early primary

Naked Politics Story Jan. 10: Florida Democrats raise $1.8 million

Mitt Romney





Naked Politics StoryFeb. 28: Mitt Romney pulls out win in home state MI, cruises in AZ

Miami Herald StoryFeb. 27: Gaffes, miscalculations weigh on Romney after Florida win

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 7: Team Obama: RomneyCare's contraception rules look like ObamaCare's. Team Romney: False

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 6: Talk is cheap. But gaffes could prove costly for Mitt Romney

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 4: Mitt Romney makes a financial friend in sex-industry donor

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 3: Debate coach Brett O'Donnell blocked from Mitt World after turning Romney from debate dud to stud.

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Pro-Mitt Romney super PAC makes it rain in South Florida

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Now Donald Trump might endorse Mitt Romney

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Romney tells CNN's Soledad O'Brien that America's very poor and very rich are fine

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Newt-ered

Miami Herald StoryJan. 31: Mitt Romney routs Newt Gingrich and rest of GOP field

McClatchy StoryJan. 30: Romney continues attacks on Gingrich in Jacksonville on eve of Florida primary

Naked Politics StoryJan. 29: Romney stumps in Pompano Beach late Sunday night

Naked Politics StoryJan. 29: In Hialeah, Mitt Romney plays up family and love of country, and helps carve Cuban pork

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: NBC: Mitt Romney, tear down this ad. Yet NBC keeps running it, getting paid

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Puerto Rico Gov. Luis G. Fortuño endorses Mitt Romney

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: A confident Mitt Romney energizes Hispanic Leadership Network crowd

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Latino-vote coup? Puerto Rico Gov. Fortuño likely to endorse Mitt Romney tomorrow, sources say

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Pro-Gingrich PAC attacks Mitt Romney over 'blood money' in web ad

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Mitt Romney’s depressing tour of Florida stops at closed Jacksonville printing shop

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Dems bash Romney for immigration inconsistences, laud Gingrich

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Mitt Romney: I'd love to convince people I'm Latino, 'particularly in a Florida primary'

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Mitt Romney: Gingrich's radio ad 'outrageous;' everybody shouldn't own a home; 'enjoy' my tax returns

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Mitt Romney's Freddie Mac-attack on Newt Gingrich has some blowback

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: In Miami, Mitt Romney slams Newt Gingrich on Spanish-language radio: 'I don't think Reagan would have agreed with Gingrich'

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: With strong Hialeah backing, Mitt Romney shows off Miami-Dade leadership team

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: Marco Rubio: "Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist."

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: In Lehigh Acre, Mitt Romney talks foreclosures, Newt's 'historian' contract

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: A peek inside Mitt Romney's $42.5 million tax filings

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: From Solyndra to cash for clunkers to Obama's slogans, Romney pre-buts SOTU

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: Radio ads by Obama backers call Mitt Romney 'devastating' for Florida Hispanics

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" comment got Twitter hoppin'

Miami Herald StoryJan. 23: Mitt Romney strikes back at Newt Gingrich in Florida debate

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Mitt Romney goes negative: New FL ad blasts Newt Gingrich over Freddie contract

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Mitt Romney plays the Pam Bondi radio card

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: AFSCME labor union ad morphs Mitt Romney into Rick Scott. Does FL care?

Naked Politics Story Jan. 21: Mitt Romney to give Cuba, Latin America policy speech at Miami's Freedom Tower

Naked Politics Story Jan. 21: Mitt Romney: I'm in Monday's Tampa debate

Naked Politics Story Jan. 20: Gingrich: Romney would become a 'running joke' for skipping Tampa debate

Naked Politics Story Jan. 20: 'Cautiously optimistic' Mitt Romney hints he could lose South Carolina, talks tax returns

Naked Politics Story Jan. 20: Marco Rubio insider, Alberto Martinez, advising Mitt Romney in Florida

Naked Politics Story Jan. 20: Think Bain attacks repel primary voters? Internal GOP polls, Newt surge suggest otherwise

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: Romney campaign wins press release of the night

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: In Spanish radio ad, Newt Gingrich hits Mitt Romney for Castro gaffe, 'anti-immigrant' stance

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: Mitt Romney: Obama belongs in "Fantasyland"

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: Mitt Romney's bad morning: Rick Perry quits, endorses Newt Gingrich. Rick Santorum wins Iowa

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: Mitt Romney releases Obama-bashing "Welcome to Florida" web ad (what's Rick Scott think?)

Miami Herald StoryJan. 18: Romney unloads on Gingrich as polls show S.C. race tightening

Miami Herald StoryJan. 18: In Miami, story of profits and layoffs highlights debate over Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: Haridopolos joins Romney team and offers up endorsement

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: With Sandy Adams endorsement, Mitt Romney one away from securing majority support of FL's GOP Reps

Naked Politics Story Jan. 16: Taking no chances, Mitt Romney blitzes FL TV with ads about Bain's success stories

Naked Politics Story Jan. 14: CBS4: DREAM Act-er heckler Mario Diaz-Balart at Miami Mitt Romney event

Naked Politics Story Jan. 14: Florida workers say they weren't laid off by Bain, attack-documentary twists truth

Naked Politics Story Jan. 13: Proof Gingrich's Bain attacks threaten Romney in job-loss state FL: 2 Bain defense ads running here

Naked Politics Story Jan. 12: Another reason for evangelicals to can the anti-LDS bigotry: Mormons are largely conservative

Naked Politics Story Jan. 12: More signs of Mitt Romney's war chest in action: a South Florida Spanish-language radio ad

Jan. 12: Romney close to securing nomination even before Florida primary

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: Mitt Romney: Learn English -- but vote for me, por favor

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: Jim DeMint: Romney looks like he'll win SC, opponents "sound like Democrats" over Bain

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: Mitt Romney: I have $19m in bank (enough to help crush opponents in SC, FL)

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: Mitt Romney's South Florida assault, en español

Naked Politics Story Jan. 10: With Mitt Romney 2-0, who's the first to go?

Naked Politics Story Jan. 9: Pro-Romney PAC Florida flyers bashing Newt over abortion, China, UN, immigration, Freddie Mac...

Naked Politics Story Jan. 9: The Bain of Mitt's existence? Opponents have 3 knocks on Romney: taxes, jobs and healthcare

Naked Politics Story Jan. 8: Pam Bondi backs Mitt Romney (so ObamneyCare mandate ain't that bad, eh?)

Naked Politics Story Jan. 4: Hispanic Dems pounce on 'immigrant bashing' Mitt Romney for DREAM Act veto stance

Naked Politics Story Jan. 3: GOP Rep. Jeff Flake, a Cuban embargo critic, stumping for Mitt Romney in Iowa

Newt Gingrich





Naked Politics StoryFeb. 21: Casino boss Adelson: I might give $100m to Newt, other Republican

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 6: Newt Gingrich flubs turnout facts for Florida counties he won

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 2: Donald Trump might endorse Newt Gingrich. Does it matter?

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 1: Newt Gingrich might challenge Florida's delegates after all

Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Jews unite! Newt Gingrich kicks Mitt Romney right in the kishkes over kosher food veto

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Newt Gingrich, before enthusiastic but not huge Tampa crowd, asks supporters for help

Naked Politics StoryJan. 29: Newt Gingrich: Election will be closer than the blowout the polls show

Naked Politics StoryJan. 29: Looking for Cuban vote, Gingrich ad mentions 'socialized medicine,' losing 'homeland'

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: Helped by $10m from casino magnate, Gingrich says gambling is a "worry."

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: Small crowd with lots of fight greets Newt Gingrich in Orlando

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: Gingrich's oldest daughter runs campaign from Key Biscayne

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Jeb joins the Dis Newt Gingrich's Message Club over 'ridiculous' Crist bashing

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Newt Gingrich talks Puerto Rico, 'self-deportation' to Hispanic Republicans

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: With Latin Builders in Miami, Newt Gingrich steers clear of mentioning Mitt Romney

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Newt Gingrich announces backing of Miami Hispanic politicians

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Newt Gingrich: elites foreclosed on Floridians, used $ to help Romney in 'desperate last stand'

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Newt, the final frontier

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Evangelicals are working to spread their faith in Gingrich

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Beam me up, Newt. Gingrich soars in the Space Coast

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Voice of FIU football joins team Newt Gingrich

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Did Newt Gingrich once favor 'self-deportation' he now criticizes?

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: In Broward, Newt Gingrich focuses on Barack Obama, fends off Freddie Mac heckler

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Romney's Hispanic leadership team: Newt, pull down your ad. Gingrich: I will

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Newt Gingrich attacks Mitt Romney on immigration, fights off infidelity question and laughs at idea of Romney as running mate

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Newt Gingrich up with Spanish TV ad, just in time for Miami-Republican fest

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: Pro-Gingrich SuperPac announces $6m FL ad buy tying Mitt Romney to ObamaCare

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: Newt Gingrich bashes the Charlie Crist-ites in Mitt Romney's shop

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Newt Gingrich will cough up Freddie Mac contract

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Gambling opponent: Gingrich weakened casino oversight in Congress

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Gingrich: Romney should open a deli full of 'pious' and 'desperate baloney'

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Mitt Romney: Newt Gingrich will bring too many October surprises

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: The Adelsons kick in $5 million more for pro-Gingrich ads in Florida

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Newt Gingrich (finally) to go on FL TV with ad.

Naked Politics Story Jan. 22: Gingrich would save $540k under his tax plan, liberal group says

Naked Politics Story Jan. 22: Hey, Chris Christie, leave Jersey politics in Jersey, says Florida Gingrich campaign chief

Miami Herald StoryJan. 21: Newt Gingrich stomps Mitt Romney in S.C.; Florida becomes major battleground for GOP nomination

Miami Herald StoryJan. 20: In tight S.C. GOP primary, Newt Gingrich feels confident, eyes Florida

Naked Politics Story Jan. 20: Univision says Gingrich will go to forum. Gingrich: I won't 'till Univision makes amends with Marco Rubio

Naked Politics Story Jan. 20: Newt Gingrich cancels speech, stumps in morning out of media eye

Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: Sex, South Carolina and conservative airwave-angst over “open marriage”

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: The bitter backstory between Newt Gingrich and Romney backer, Susan Molinari

Miami Herald StoryJan. 16: Gingrich faces questions in S.C. of whether he's racist, bigot

Miami Herald StoryJan. 14: Newt Gingrich stumps in Miami and Orlando, slamming Mitt Romney

Naked Politics Story Jan. 13: Well behind Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich begins chasing mail-in ballot voters, says he'll advertise soon on TV

Naked Politics Story Jan. 13: In Miami, caffeinated Newt Gingrich talks learning English, Cuba and chats with Marco Rubio's dentist about the senator's smile

Miami Herald StoryJan. 13: Gingrich takes on Romney, immigration and Castro brothers

Naked Politics Story Jan. 13: Newt Gingrich lays out Castro-crackdown policy

Naked Politics Story Jan. 12: Who's the weakest of them all (on Cuba policy)? Ron Paul & Newt Gingrich, anti-Castro blog says

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: South Florida Conservatives to breakfast Friday with Newt Gingrich at Versailles

Naked Politics Story Jan. 10: Gambling magnate's $5m to air docu-ad trashing 'ruthless' Mitt Romney is all about helping friend, Newt Gingrich

Naked Politics Story Jan. 10: The Castro-Newt HQ connection in NH

Naked Politics Story Jan. 5: Newt Gingrich's Florida team

Ron Paul


  |  Rick Santorum




Naked Politics StoryJan. 31: Yahoo News!: Newt Gingrich goon squad assaults Ron Paul supporter

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Rick Santorum makes hard-line pitch, wins backing of Miami's Latin Builders

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Santorum: Sticking it out, if not in Florida

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Lament of the FL grassroots: Rick Santorum's national campaign is 'incompetent'

Miami Herald StoryJan. 18: Paul's candidacy takes on feel of a movement in South Carolina

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: Though outmatched in Florida, Rick Santorum's Broward-bound after SC primary

Naked Politics Story Jan. 14: 'Hispanics for Ron Paul' launches in FL with Miami-centric group

Naked Politics Story Jan. 14: Better late than never: Rick Santorum announces FL team

Naked Politics Story Jan. 12: Who's the weakest of them all (on Cuba policy)? Ron Paul & Newt Gingrich, anti-Castro blog says

Naked Politics Story Jan. 8: Early-primary backfire? The Ron Paul Revolution will not be televised in Florida.

Naked Politics Story Jan. 8: Ron Paul's Florida flier, 6-page newsletter blasts GOP "counterfeits," Obama

Candidates No Longer Running



Naked Politics Story Jan. 19: The best for last: Text of Rick Perry's exit speech

Miami Herald StoryJan. 19: Small crowds speak to Rick Perry's struggles, dying campaign

Naked Politics Story Jan. 18: Rick Perry on a 'lighter version of Obama,' the Keystone pipeline and the comeback of paisley

Naked Politics Story Jan. 16: Jon Huntsman's campaign dies in South Carolina




Naked Politics StoryFeb. 11: CPAC survey & straw poll show financial issues still dominate. Result: Romney wins

Naked Politics StoryFeb. 11: CPAC wants Marco Rubio for VP. But does it matter?

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Florida GOP consultant poll: Romney over Gingrich by 10

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Latest, latest poll: Romney in a landslide

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Though down in GOP polls, Gingrich wins tea-party straw poll

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: And more polls with Romney leads. PPP: Romney +7; InsiderAdvantage: Romney +5

Naked Politics StoryJan. 30: Q Poll: Romney by 14 in Florida. That's right: 14

Naked Politics StoryJan. 29: Before polls open Tuesday, FL early vote hits 534,000 (44% more than NH, Iowa combined)

Naked Politics StoryJan. 29: NBC News/Marist poll: Mitt Romney leads Newt Gingrich by 15 percent in Florida

Miami Herald StoryJan. 28: Poll: Romney holds big lead over Gingrich in Florida

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: PPP: Romney up by 8% over Gingrich in Florida

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: War Room poll: Mitt Romney blowing Newt Gingrich away 40-30 in FL. Mack commands Senate race

Naked Politics StoryJan. 28: Poll shows Nelson with 45 % to Mack's 42 % with many undecided

Naked Politics StoryJan. 27: Romney leads Gingrich in Florida 38-29 in new Quinnipiac poll

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Q poll: Romney even with Obama in FL, while Gingrich trails by 11

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Once showing Gingrich up, I/A poll now shows Romney leading by 8

Naked Politics StoryJan. 26: Q Poll: Obama closing gap, tied at 45% with Romney, beats Gingrich 50-39

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Gingrich's Florida momentum not enough in a general election, Suffolk poll finds

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: CNN-Time Florida poll: Mitt Romney 36%, Gingrich 34%

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Q Poll: Dead heat in Fla

Naked Politics StoryJan. 25: Q Poll: Mitt Romney 36%, Newt Gingrich 34% in FL -- but Gingrich up 6 among likely voters after SC primary

Naked Politics StoryJan. 24: Chamber poll: Gingrich, Romney tied at 33 percent

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: PPP: Gingrich 38%, Romney 33% in Florida

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: Rasmussen Poll: Gingrich 41%, Romney 32% in Florida

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: InsiderAdvantage poll: Gingrich leads Romney 34-26 in Florida. But PPP could find closer race

Naked Politics Story Jan. 23: With 225k ballots cast, Newt Gingrich could still torch Mitt Romney's early-vote 'firewall'

Naked Politics Story Jan. 16: PP Poll: FL's GOP primary almost 'over' with Romney's strong tea-party support; Bain attacks not 'resonating'

Naked Politics Story Jan. 13: Why Quinnipiac's Florida poll might be completely accurate -- unlike Democratic criticisms

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: Why Quinnipiac's Florida poll might be flawed in favor of Mitt Romney, GOP

Naked Politics Story Jan. 11: FL voters say Barack Obama doesn't deserve a second term, prefer Mitt Romney

Naked Politics Story Jan. 9: Another Florida poll. Another double-digit lead for Mitt Romney

Naked Politics Story Jan. 9: Q Poll: Romney (36), Gingrich (24), Santorum (16), Paul (10), Perry (5), Huntsman (2)