Miami Beach Police group: Mayor has very bad memory

Supporters of the embattled Miami Beach Police Athletic League say Mayor Matti Herrera Bower’s memory is either very bad or very selective.

Last month, before commissioners voted to pay Miami-Dade Police to investigate allegations that members of the PAL used the publicly-subsidized nonprofit as a slush fund, Bower said, “The PAL never did a program in their life to help anybody as long as I’ve been here.”

In response, a board member emailed photos this week of Bower smiling alongside PAL members during a 2008 event in which elementary students received DNA Lifeprint kits — one of the expenses investigated by internal affairs and prosecutors.

“Perhaps, we can refresh your recollection,” wrote past PAL presidents Howard Gross and Kenneth Stowe, who say the nonprofit has performed numerous services for Miami Beach children.

Gross and Stowe demanded an apology, but Bower refused. As for Miami-Dade police, a spokesman said Thursday that no one from the city of Miami Beach has contacted the department.