Gov. Schwarzenegger has a big following on Twitter

If you're not on Twitter, you probably missed the following details of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's life:

A little adventure just now when my plane made an emergency landing. All's ok, though.

Having breakfast earlier at a local joint in Sac getting ready for another day of negotiations.

If I couldn't find 1 hr for fitness, I would feel like a loser.

Schwarzenegger still delivers a weekly radio address and sends press releases. But he seems most obsessed with communicating in 140 characters or fewer via Twitter.

Since joining the social networking site last year, the governor has drawn 1.15 million followers. He visited Twitter headquarters in San Francisco last month and started a Web site that solicits ideas via Twitter. He even used it to wish his son Patrick a happy 16th birthday last week, calling him "a true stud."

Schwarzenegger now ranks fourth in the Twitter world among politicians, after President Barack Obama, former Vice President Al Gore and Sen. John McCain.

Like many elected officials, Schwarzenegger uses Twitter to promote his official activities. He posts photos of himself meeting with firefighters or dining with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. He solicits advice — and sometimes acts upon it, as in the case of one follower who said he should autograph used state vehicles to turn them into collectors' items.

Schwarzenegger is not actually doing any of this himself.

He does not carry a BlackBerry, the communications device through which most of his "tweets" are posted. Instead, he tells his personal assistants – usually the tech-savvy Daniel Ketchell or Clay Russell — to post what he wants, according to Schwarzenegger press secretary Aaron McLear.

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