Unauthorized biography panned by Palin's staff

A new unauthorized biography of Gov. Sarah Palin written by a People magazine editor hit bookstores Tuesday, drawing quick criticism from a Palin spokeswoman who said it can't be trusted and that Palin wants to write a book of her own.

The governor has hired a Washington, D.C., lawyer who brokered books deals for President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton to work with publishers, said the spokeswoman, Meghan Stapleton. Publishers have been approaching the governor about a book since the campaign, she said.

But first comes "Trailblazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin," written by Lorenzo Benet, an assistant editor at People who said he appeared Tuesday on the "Today" show, CNN and MSNBC.

Benet says he interviewed the governors' parents, sister and old friends to explore Palin's personal life, from her pre-politics days in Wasilla to pregnancy in office. The story recounts her underdog run for governor and her explosive bid for the vice presidency, though political junkies searching for bombshells may instead find an emphasis on things like Palin's tastes and relationships.

"Her taste in hair, her clothing ... I write a whole chapter about Todd and why she was attracted to him ... It's called 'I like a man in Carhartts," Benet said.

Among the other chapter titles: "Taking charge," "Shaking up the old guard" and "Building a city."

The book didn't have Palin's cooperation and doesn't have her blessing, said Stapleton, who looked to discredit the biography by zeroing in on one fact in particular.

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