How will the Obama girls like life in the White House?

At 10 and 7, Malia and Sasha Obama will be the youngest White House children since 9-year-old Amy Carter.

They can have private pool parties, play the ultimate game of hide-and-seek and meet just about any celebrity.

But they could also feel lonely in that big mansion — when they aren’t trying to avoid the news cameras.

Even during the campaign, the Obamas struggled with publicity at times, regretting a decision to allow the girls to be interviewed at Malia’s 10th birthday party and shooing away photographers on Halloween.

Public exposure is one of many issues the Obamas as first family will confront, said Doug Wead, who has interviewed 19 presidential offspring and wrote the book All the Presidents’ Children.

We asked Wead and Bonnie Angelo, author of First Families and a former Time correspondent at the White House, for hints about what’s coming for Malia and Sasha in their new home.

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