Former University of Miami student describes the scene in Cairo in a recent interview

Omar Hussein Shoeb graduated in 2007 from the University of Miami with a Masters in Broadcast Journalism and has been working as a journalist in Cairo ever since. The son of Egyptians, Shoeb has engaged in online political activism for the past three years, along with many other young Egyptians. He never expected to witness a civil uprising of this magnitude.

Shoeb said that on Wednesday, February 2nd, thousands of police officers dressed in civilian clothing went to Tahrir Square and took a violent approach at quelling the protests. He reports that over 700 people have been injured -- including his friend. who got shot in the elbow.

Omar is quick to say that he’s not a political activist but rather an “interactive activist.” He produces a live daily political show in Cairo called: Baladna Bel Masry, which translates roughly to: Our Home, Egypt.

In this slideshow, he describes what the scene is like on the ground.