He wanted McNuggets, then 200 hashbrowns — but got a charge for drunk driving instead, cops say

By Josh Magness

Wikimedia Commons

It was around 5 a.m. last Saturday, and one Australian man really wanted some McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

So much so, that police say he allegedly drove around the fast food joint’s drive-through four times in a bout of anger after he was told the nuggets were not on the breakfast menu, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Then the 30-year-old man tried to order 200 hashbrowns from the McDonald’s, according to He continued to wait in the drive-through, police say, until authorities eventually arrived and allegedly found he had a blood alcohol level of 0.175.

That’s over three times the limit for drivers in Australia, according to Metro. The unnamed man had his license suspended by police, according to The Star, and never got to sink his teeth into his $230 order of hashbrowns.

He will appear in court on Nov. 30.

It turns out McNuggets have been at the center of some other recent controversies, too.

According to KRON4, two women attacked a McDonald’s manager around 2:30 a.m. last Friday in Indianapolis after complaining that they didn’t receive all of the nuggets they ordered. The manager said they only ordered four nuggets — and showed them a receipt for proof — but the women argued that they ordered ten before lunging into the drive-through window.

In New Zealand, a man was fined $100 after police say he fired foam bullets from a Nerf gun at McDonald’s employees because his order of chicken nuggets was missing, the New Zealand Herald reported.

And in Florida, police arrested a woman after she allegedly to agreed to perform sexual acts on an undercover cop in exchange for $25 and some chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, the Miami Herald reported.

The Herald noted that it is not known how many McNuggets the woman was promised.