He was caught with child pornography. His defense? He's blind.

Thomas Leuthard, Flickr

A British man charged with possession of child pornography has a strange reason for downloading the obscene images — he’s blind.

Andrew Shaw, 44, faces three charges of allegedly possessing 71 pornographic images of children on his personal computer, according to the Telegraph.

His lawyer, Allan Cobain, argued that Shaw didn’t know the images were of children because of his poor eyesight.

“This is an unusual case as my client is registered blind,” he said, according to The Blackpool Gazette. “He has no sight in one eye and only a small amount in the other. It may be argued that difficulty with his vision makes it difficult for him to put an age to images he downloads.”

“He may think he is looking at 16-year-olds.”

The age of consent in Britain is 16, according to BBC.

Led by his black Labrador guide dog, Shaw entered the Blackpool Magistrates' Court alongside his wife; she is also blind, and was led into the court by her white Labrador guide dog, according to the Mirror.

Shaw has been under investigation for over a year, according to the Mirror. He was granted bail.

The magistrates adjourned the court proceedings for the time being so the Crown Prosecution Service could examine the case again, according to The Blackpool Gazette.

You might be wondering: how is a blind man viewing porn?

Recently, some porn sites have worked to be more inclusive toward users with different disabilities., for example, has introduced “described videos” on its site that feature a woman narrating a porn video (in between moans, of course), according to Esquire.

It was an initiative that Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said makes porn more accessible.

"We did feel it important to start to include this type of more-accessible content on our platform though,” he said to The Huffington Post, “given the relative ambiguity of the concept and the sheer number of people who are visually impaired around the world."