Haiti Police deny reports of killing during anti-gay protest

Haiti National Police are denying reports that two gay men were killed during a recent anti-gay protest in Port-au-Prince.

Reports that two men were attacked and killed because they were presumed to be gay spread across social media and blogs after Christian groups demonstrated against gay marriages in downtown Port-au-Prince last Friday.

Frantz Lerebours, a spokesman for the Haitian National Police, said contrary to reports no such killings took place.

“They were harassed, but they were not killed. The police took them to safety,” Lerebours said.

Lerebours said the police director for the West Department, which includes Port-au-Prince, confirmed the men were chased by protesters who believed they were gay. But the police rescued the men and escorted them to safety.

“The police saved their lives,” he said.

Following the demonstration and the allegations, Haitian officials have called for tolerance, warning that violence against persons because of their presumed sexual orientation will not be tolerated.