Cynthia Hansen

The grass roots groups are doing more to help than big NPOS


where is it?? why are there no tents, shelters, tin sheds? bull dozer, REAL HELP NOW?

thousands are in the rain with plastic sheet alone -


saw this on twitter today


Put a human face on suffering - it is not about volume, it is about one person who just died, a family seeing survivors die from diahrea and disease - 2nd and 3rd wave could kill 50% of those left alive...

Why isn't this outrage making the news?

2) do not let UN make policy - let the faces, the REAL STORY, field workers and teams on ground make policy on what is needed - not someone who slept in a bed last night

3) I just went without water for 24 hours due to a line break - and thought of Haiti - I had electricity, I had blankets, and we had time to do buckets of water for sanitation prior to water being cut off - and WE called it roughing it?!

thank you for listening to my ranting = I got so angry about the anti-tent decision. I never see RED and I think I had steam coming out of my ears. I grew up going camping - tarps are open on 4 sides, we slept in tent and played cards, etc. INSIDE when it rained. no tarps GRRR