Fred San Millan

Haiti will be a unifying issue for the continent for a long time. As suggested the building standards will have to be reviewed or change. Most engineers will need to be trained in the new methods and technics to minimize future disasters. The rules and regulations of modern urbanism will need to respected as well. When it comes to adoption, many well intended foreigners will have to understand that Haiti is not a puppy mill, and that the law must ne obeyed by everyone who intend to adopt a child. Transparency is, and will be a key issue inorder to manage all the funds funneled Haiti.The donors and the Haitian government will have to work together to plan and approve any projects. We hope that the decentralization long desired will be accopmplished, by opening ports,factories, and government offices in the provinces. Finally, the diaspora must be involved as well, by being allowed to participate in full to decision making process regarding Haiti. Fred San Millan