Ed Brophy

Fishers of men? Don't be turned off by some of these worldly charity organizations—flush with cash—who would seem to rather have you believe Haiti is not in desperate need of volunteers—even if your best skill is none other than to serve the poor.

As far as skilled volunteers needed—remember that your I will is more important than your IQ. If you have the I will—then you can be a greater example to these islanders—who desire God and that story of dignity most. A literary education is of little value, and most likely detrimental in Haiti, if it's not built on sound character.

Although Lawrence of Arabia was a British officer, he humbled his credentials and adapted to the lifestyles and habits of the bedouins. His fascinating I will left the money and comforts at home—in order to rise with the unique challenge at hand.

Cap Haiten, the second largest city in Haiti, 60 miles from Port AU Prince—was not damaged by the quake. There are cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to Cap Haiten using Lynx Air.

The unique requirements of volunteering for the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa), even in Calcutta are: "Just show up—ready to serve the poor."

Kind Regards,Ed Brophy