Harry Richard

If we are going to spend billions of US Dollars in Haiti, then let's do it right. Once and for all. we need responsible, educated, motivated and responsible individuals to be stewards of our money. Using bondable, honest, trustworthy Haitian-Americans who have an emotional investment in this once-in-history chance to save a country is my best suggestion.

Military engineers from our Armed Forces, mentored by higher ranking more experinced officers would do it. Much like MacArthur as he rebuilt Japan, Marshall saving Germany. You get my point.

And then I would offer our captians of industry and agriculture to invest in nurtuing investments that will complement not compete with American industry. What specifically, I don;t know, but the economists that beleive in free enterprise can finally show the world that freedom and captialism works every time it is tried. But education has to come first.

Enough with the graft, corrption, ignorance and violence. It has going to take a long tie but results can ge encouraging. And finally, blacks in this country are free to take their beef about white corporate America and show us that they know better.... in Haiti.

Peace and stability is my only goal here.