Protester dressed as detainee arrested jumping White House fence


WASHINGTON (AP) – District of Columbia police arrested a woman in an orange jumpsuit after she after jumped a White House fence during a Guantánamo protest,  the U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday.

A Secret Service spokesman identified the woman, who wore an orange jumpsuit, as Diane Wilson. She was charged with unlawful entry and handed over to local authorities.

The spokesman had no hometown for Wilson. She appeared to be among a group of 17 similarly attired demonstrators who had chained themselves to the fence on the northwest side of the White House.

They were protesting the indefinite detention of terrorist suspects at the U.S. prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

President Barack Obama was on a plane bound for Africa. Obama has said he is redoubling his efforts to close the facility.

At Guantánamo, the military said it was force-feeding 44 of the 105 captives the prison was acknowledging as hunger strikers. One was hospitalized, but did not have a life-threatening condition, said Army Lt. Col. Samuel House at Guantánamo.