Protesters force police to return sack of rice

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb. 22 (Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez / - More than 60 passengers on a bus protested the seizure of a 20-pound sack of rice and forced the police to return it to the owner.“That rice is for consumption by my family,” said the passenger to whom the rice belonged.The incident occurred Feb. 16 at the Mariel-Cabañas junction in the state of Havana.When the police put the sack in the trunk of their cruiser, the passengers started shouting and kept it up for half an hour before the rice was returned. “Given the hunger in this country,” one man shouted at the police, “You’re abusing that woman.”

Cuba cancels development baseball leagueHAVANA, Cuba, Feb. 22 (Leafar Pérez, -Cuban authorities have suspended the baseball season of the Development League because of the state of the economy.The decision means that some 300 players will no longer be available for call-up to play for any of the teams involved in the 49th National Baseball Series.The development league has 16 teams and operated as a farm system for the top teams.